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Last Ounce of Courage trailer

LAST OUNCE OF COURAGEA Battle for Christmas


(CCC, BBB, V, A, M) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview about a mayor and his family who are standing up for Christmas against the forces of the ACLU; no foul language; bloody wound on motorcyclist, war footage with soldier dying, perilous situations; no sexual immorality; no nudity; some alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, politically correct ACLU and anti-Christian friends intimidate, lie and bully.


LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE tells the story of a fight to restore the celebration of Christmas, which has been banned in a small mountain town. LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE dramatically tells an important, captivating story and ends on a spiritual, heart-rending, patriotic, life-changing note.


LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE dramatically tells an important story and ends on a spiritual, heart-rending, patriotic, life-changing note.

The movie opens with a dramatic quote from President Ronald Reagan, calling for everyone to…
Video Rebel's Blog (Excellent Observation Of Our Current Situation With The Quick Falling Dollar!!) The Chinese Are Buying Gold As If They Knew The Dollar Would Die Very Soon by horse237 China's year-to-date gold imports from Hong Kong are now a record 458.6 tons, well over four times greater than the seven month total in 2011. The Chinese are the world's largest gold producer and had an output of 355 tons. The Chinese used to export silver but now consume their entire annual production. China owns gold and silver mines in other countries and might have large stocks of bullion under different names around the world. As a side note, the US has been melting down its pre-1965 99% to make up for its production shortfalls. Since silver is often mined with copper, silver has declined in output by 14% this year. Two American financial reporters talked to Bundesbank officials in Germany who told them that China has at least two or three times the total amount of gold re…