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Earthquakes 9-11-2012

Its quit in the US, means to me its building up pressure. while on the other side of the world it's moving big time.

To the Boys and to the Men - Economy Warning - Gordon B. Hinckley - Octo...

Text of the talk:

So interesting: a Prophet warned us a bit less than 10 years before Washington admitted there was a problem. In fact, within that 10 years we had 2 or 3 crashes on Wall St.
Maybe we need to consider such "portents" more seriously!!!

LDS Prophetic (playlist)

A Glimpse of what we have to look forward to if we prepare ourselves. Latest youtube video.
Hopefully this video will give those who watch it a small glimpse and a taste to what is in store for the righteous on the earth. For a couple of years I have yearned to hear in General Conference, a talk that would help instruct, inspire and lift us as a people to build Zion. Last October, I was extremely happy to hear the talks of Elder Christopherson and President Eyring. In this video I hope to share the parts that really impressed upon me from their words. In creating this video, I have felt and seen just a taste of what awaits those chosen humble followers of Christ. I yearn for Zion and strive to become worthy of living there. Please watch this video, share it with friends, family and ward members. The images, text have some very symbolic meanings for me. Hopefully the Spirit will bear witness to each of you who watch it, and motivate you to live your life in such a way to become Zion i…