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Lunar & solar cycles and market crashes - interesting interview

Wednesday,September 19, 2012

Rick Wiles with guest Aaron Brickman discussing market cycles and prognostications

Quote of Steve Pitts "What are the odds that 8 of the greatest market crashes in history would accidently fall within a time period of 6 days before to 3 days after a full moon that occurred within 6 weeks of a solar eclipse?" Answer: 1 chance in 127,000.

This radio interview is quite interesting, talking about cycles of markets as well as wars

(a market crash could happen as early as Oct. 24th, 2012 (if it were to happen before the next eclipse, as happened in the 1929 crash). They seem to also happen with Jewish Holy days.

Iran VS. Israel - WAR WITHIN WEEKS! (re-uploaded & unrestricted)

The Scariest Iran War Scenario Ever

by John Galt
September 12, 2012 23:00 ET

The following scenario is an unforeseen theoretical outcome for what could happen should Israel attack Iran; and in this writer’s opinion the most terrifying outcome for world peace and the United States of America I could ever imagine. I feel this particular scenario must be put into consideration as the prophetic and geopolitical implications of such an outcome would change how all of us live the remainder of our lives out in this country.

No matter how short our lives may be.

The United States is currently ruled by a corrupt regime aligned with an amalgamation of globalist financiers, anti-American technocrats, and Islamist sympathizers. This Trifecta of Evil has put the danger of the Constitution being abdicated for practical considerations first and foremost into the daily decision making process up to and including the abandonment of traditional allies in favor or radical agendas designed t…