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Press Conference for New Missionary Service Age Requirements

An entire CITY invites the Mormons to teach about Mitt's religion

This message came to me from a Mission President in the Mid-West.. this is NOT the first I've gotten saying that they are teaching entire congregations of other faiths.. most before Mitt was in the limelight.. but as this one is directly related to the curiosity over WHO the Mormons because of the election, I thought I'd pass it on.

We mentioned last week about a phone call from a Catholic Priest in Kentucky, that asked our Sister missionaries to do an Interfaith presentation for ministers of all faiths and the whole community so that can understand what Mormons believe. Is that just exciting or what? They asked US to come and they are going to invite the whole city to learn about the Mormons!!! We will be meeting with them on the 24th in their building(Catholic Church). They are inviting the whole city. It sounds like it will be a very big production! We are excited to be a part of that as the s…