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Fox News: Mormonism On The Rise In America


Mormons To Become Largest Church In The World: Researcher

NEW YORK CITY—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, informally ‘the Mormons’) is on track to become the largest church both in the United States and in the world at large, and the second-largest religious body in the world, with well over two billion members, during the next hundred years.
The Latter-day Saints (LDS/”Mormons”) will become a global religion with hundreds of millions, or even billions, of followers–within a century. Award-winning social scientist Mark Koltko-Rivera explains:
how the Mormons grew from a tiny group in 1830s New York to being the fourth-largest church in America as of 2012;
why Mormon growth slowed after 1990–and why it will soon explode, both in the United States and throughout the world;
why Mormon beliefs resonate with society’s hopes, fears, aspirations–even obsessions–in ways that can make the LDS faith especially attr…