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Comet C/2012 SI (ISON) How bright will it get?

Prepare Now For Mega-Comet! This one is brighter than any and it is coming in 2013!

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author. I do not maintain their validity except to say that the comet is real. Whether or not it causes the destruction described below, I know not. However, it is always best to be prepared for anything.

Prepare Now For Mega-Comet Of Doom
Monday, November 5, 2012 18:53

The cometdesignated as C/2012 S1is a careening ball of rocky ice miles wide plummeting towards an already angry sun. No technology on Earth can stop it and the havoc it can bring to the solar system may strech the limits of Mankind’s imagination. Although passing far from Earth, it promises to be the most spectacular comet in human history. Astronomers are bubbling about it being 15 times brighter than the Moon. The dazzling visitor to the solar system will be so bright it will be easily seen above the skies of Manhattan at night and visible to the naked eye in daylight. But the…