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Interview with Stephen Mansfield, "The Mormonizing of America"

"The Mormonizing of America" From Huffington Post

The Mormonizing of America

Stephen Mansfield

New York Times best-selling author

Posted: 11/06/2012 2:19 pm

There are nearly seven million Mormons in America. This is the number the Mormons themselves use. It's not huge. Seven million is barely 2 percent of the country's population. It is the number of people who subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. London boasts seven million people. So does San Francisco. It's a million more people than live in the state of Washington; a million less than in the state of Virginia. It's so few, it's the same number as were watching the January 24, 2012, Republican debate.

In fact, worldwide, there are only about fourteen million Mormons. That's fourteen million among a global population just reaching seven billion. Fourteen million is the population of Cairo or Mali or Guatemala. It's appro…