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11/14/2012 -- Global Earthquake Overview -- Multiple points of unrest --...

6.4magnitude earthquake strikes Kuril Islands: 8th major quake in eight days
Posted on November 17, 2012

November 16, 2012KURIL ISLANDS -A powerful earthquake that struck the Kuril Islands in the northwestern Pacific this morning did not generate a Pacific-wide tsunami, the US Geological Survey said. The 6.4-magnitude tremor occurred at 8:12 a.m. Hawaii time at a depth of 18 miles. Its epicenter was in an 810-mile volcanic archipelago located between Japan and Russia which separates the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. The USGS describes the area as among the most seismically active in the world. The islands mark the location of the Kuril-Kamchatka tectonic arc, a subduction zone interface between the overriding North America plate and the Pacific plate. The area has been the site of frequent earthquakes including seven since 1900 of 8.3 magnitude or greater. This is the eighth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to rattle the planet in the last 8 days. –Big Island No…

Marc Faber - Who Will Destroy The World?

I don't know that we've been told to be ready in all things, but we were told by Elder Cook this conference that we are expected to be prepared for many things:

"The scriptures and modern prophets have made it clear that there will be lean years and plentiful years. The Lord expects us to be prepared for many of the challenges that come."

No one ever regrets being too prepared.

The federal government is intentionally killing the dollar for the express purpose of ending the US debt.

 The entire federal income tax goes just to the interest on our debt. We assume more debt to pay the interest on the debt we already have (because without that the income tax would be paying for things that we instead have to use debt to pay).

If you look at the strange decisions that have been made in the last few years (and especially the last few months), I can find no other explanation than that they are intentionally killing the dollar. Either they are incredibly stupid, wh…

Wicked Times Are Here (More Evidence Too Be Alert-)

A call for a 2nd Revolution has been issued!

Why The States Must Secede To Save America

Declaration of Independence 2.0: Restoring the Republic

November 15, 2012

Radio host Alex Jones today called for a second American Revolution led by states who would secede from the federal government and reconstitute the Republic under the terms of the Declaration of Independence, bill of rights and constitution.
The call for Americans to rally behind a restoration of the Republic and the bill of rights comes on the back of a burgeoning secessionist movement that has swept the country with residents from all 50 states submitting petitions to the White House calling for states to withdraw from the union and form their own independent governments. The petitions have received a combined number of signatures totaling over a million.
During his nationwide broadcast today, Jones laid out the battle plan for secession, emphasizing that states must first secede from the federal govern…