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The Opening of the Seventh Seal of Revelation Urgent

The Following Video Was  Uploaded by on Aug 27, 2011- 

Now, I Love What He Was Trying To Explain With This Wonderful Video Presentation, But Didn't Have Time To Go "Deeper" With His Explanations, So, I Will Have One More Learned Than Myself,  (Steven R. Smith) To Make His Excellent Insight Into The Matter Of The Sixth And Seventh Seal And The Great Importance It Has On Our Lives.

(Used By Permission)

Thoughts on the Sixth and Seventh Seals

By Steven R. Smith



What is John telling us in the book of Revelation when he describes the sixth and seventh seals? Everyone seems to have a differing opinion. While some opinions are similar, none of them are exactly the same. Assuming some combination of opinions must be right, I spent time studying the scriptures with all the differing opinions in mind. Not finding any combination of opinions that I felt agreed with the scriptures, I decided to write this paper. The explanations i…