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It is NOW Time to Leave the Cities!

Please Share With All Of Your Family/Friends.

This is one of the only ways we can fight and win against the NWO. Agenda 21 is the plan of Satan.If they are allowed to implement their plans for our cities, towns, and counties, we will ultimately loose our freedoms. At the bottom of this article in item 6, there is a link that will bring up a page where you may check to see if your town, county is in the process of adopting this insidious attack upon our freedoms. At the bottom of that page you will find the link. If you don't know about this or don't believe it, it is a natural response or first impression. However, if you love your country and your freedoms, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know what Agenda 21 is.

Understanding Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 -

AGENDA 21 is a plan for your life in the 21st century. It is meant to encompass nearly every aspect of life in one way or another. It contains exquisite detail about where you may live, how yo…