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Bulletproof backpacks for children after Newtown shootings (Very Sad State We Live In Now!!!!)

Sales of bullet-proof backpacks for kids TRIPLE after Sandy Hook massacre
Armoured backpacks in pink for girls and blue for boys sell for $300
Firm boasts it sold as many in a week as it usually sells in three months
Another company is promoting products on Facebook with the slogan 'Arm the teachers, bulletproof the kids'

By Daniel Miller
PUBLISHED: 05:22 EST, 19 December 2012 | UPDATED: 09:31 EST, 19 December 2012

Firms selling bullet-proof children's gear - including Disney Princess and Avengers backpacks lined with Kevlar-type sheeting - are reporting a massive surge in sales in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.
Salt Lake City-based Amendment II is among several firms being accused of callously cashing-in on the tragedy in which 26 people were gunned down including 23 children.

The firm is currently promoting a range of $300 bulletproof backpacks, alongside body armour in children's sizes, and say they have sold as many in a week as they usually sell …