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The Tipping Point In Resistance To Global Banker Occupation Is Nighby horse237There are several events in the coming year that could push the American public over the cliff into active opposition. I think that the first of these tipping point events will be reached in weeks. I still do not believe we will attack Iran. I do think that NATO (i.e. the bankers military arm) will try to starve the Syrians into submission. The Russian delivery of Iskander missiles to Syria is a game changer. I am writing this in lieu of a predictions for 2013 column because my forecast for 2013 is so dire that nobody would read it. I will say that I expect more than one thousand American cities, counties, school districts and other such local agencies to default on their bonds over the next 12 months. It is my opinion that 2013 is the year in which Americans realize they are too poor to kill millions of innocent people in nations 8,000 miles away because Israel said to d…