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Socialized Healthcare, Evil, Freedom Destroying, by President Ezra Taft Benson

"Trust Not in the Arm of Flesh" Ezra Taft Benson, General Conference Talk – October 1967

(You can really see this coming to fruition VERY soon)

.....False solicitude for the unfortunate
Such timely counsel could help save our country from Communism, as the same masters of deceit are showing the same false solicitude for the unfortunate in the name of civil rights.
Now there is nothing wrong with civil rights; it is what’s being done in the name of civil rights that is alarming.
There is no doubt that the so-called civil rights movement as it exists today is used as a Communist program for revolution in America just as agrarian reform was used by the Communists to take over China and Cuba.
This shocking statement can be confirmed by an objective study of Communist literature and activities and by knowledgeable Negroes and others who have worked within the Communist movement.
As far back as 1928, the Communists declared that the cultural, economic, and social diff…

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until December 25, 2012