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New LDS AVOW Brochures

Its not very often that I (Brother Christopher Parret, Site Administrator Of LdsAvow) get to be the bearer of truly good news, but this is one of those all too rare occasions.

Last August I sat down and began the process of creating a fully commercial grade brochure of what LDS-AVOW is all about. 5 Months later the project has come to fruition and I am now ready to share it with everyone here!

This is a Large TRIFOLD (25.5 x 11 inches across!) brochure on AVOW to be used for recruiting new members. It is being printed on very high quality heavy glossy cardstock, so the pages will be ridged and NOT floppy like a magazine page.

My goal with this brochure was to create something that AVOW members would be 100% comfortable handing out to a friend at church on Sunday. Something that was VERY classy and professionally done that would paint LDS-AVOW is the best possible light and not be offensive to anyone reading it. You should be able to put this in the hands of your Bishop or Stake President without hesitation!

The finished brochures are TRULY STUNNING. Neither the photo nor the PDF even come close to showing you what it actually looks like in your hands. Its like comparing our bullion coins to the Gold Proof. When you see it in person you will be Very Impressed with the finished product.

Here is a LOW RES picture of our new brochure.

The far right side of this is the FRONT Cover
The Center is the Back
The Left in the first page you will see when you open the brochure.

This is the inside as you will see it when opened up.

Download this and you can scroll back and forth and see the entire document.

But, to get this level of quality it cost a small fortune. These first 5,000 brochures came in at about $0.75 each! The next run of 10,000 should drop down to only $0.45 each after I have paid off all the design and layup charges buried in the first run.

Here is what I am asking all of the AVOW members.
Would you please consider picking up a handful of these brochures to pass out to your friends and family??

I have put them in the store just like I did the preparedness brochures and am offering them to you at cost.

I will be including one of these brochures with each large format book order. Because of the size of the brochure I can't ship them with the smaller books.

But beyond that, its 100% up to YOU to help spread the word and see if we can't begin to bring in a whole new cross section of church members who have an interest in preparedness.



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