Silver Prices Rise Anticipating Debt Ceiling Raise, German Gold Repatria...

Remember when good old George Soros did his absolute best to talk down the need/value/utility for personal gold holdings...and when he'd driven the price down to just under $1500 an ounce...he bought a couple of boatloads of it??

Remember when...just a few years ago, all of the world's central reserve bankers were pooh-poohing the idea of anyone needing to hold gold...and now, most of them have either been quietly buying additional gold reserves...or now, more publicly, repatriating their gold from the world's "most secure" depositories??
  • "Acccccch, Helicopter Vben! Not dat ve doan trust you to hold our gold anymore. NEIN! It's just that ve vant it back home so we can show it off to our Frauleins! Jah, just so...we have better date nights vit Frausleins!!"
Remember when the U.S. Fed (and Treasury) said, NAW, THERE AIN'T NO STINKING INFLATION!" And yet, Canada has terminated it's one cent coin...indicating that yes, indeed, price inflation (due to devalued currency) has gotten to the point where a penny just isn't what it used to be?
  • Just wait a couple more years...the U.S. is going to jump on this bandwagon, too.
  • The U.S. one cent coint, the famous Lincoln going to go the way of the dodo bird.
  • Similarly, the U.S. nickle coin will be that it doesn't hold anymore nickel...or perhaps just a trace of nickel. Count on this before 2016 arrives.

Remember the wild price swings in wild yet so unified, that several of the U.S. main-line banks all were selling or buying at the same time...on the same day...of the same week...of the same month?
  • 365 days in a year...and they all "just happen" to sell off or buy at the same exact minute??
  • And poof!!! Magically, they all seem to stop buying (or selling, or selling short) at the same exact moment...? Nah, THAT couldn't be signs of collusion, now could it??

Remember when we thought all of the "gold bug" investors/advisors were JUST CRAZY when they were recommending gold at $250/ounce? At $500? At $800? At $1,000?? At $1,200, $1,400 and $1,600?
  • Which is NOW most bugs predicting $3,000/ounce gold?
  • Or George Soros talking down gold...after which he starts buying it up on the resultant price dips? (Crazy, like a very smart fox.)

Remember when...the U.S. Fed wasn't pumping money into the U.S. economy? You can't remember? Well, I guess it is hard to think back past 2008.

Remember when . . . the FED IT$ELF wouldn't directly buy U.S. government bonds/T-bills? Because it wa a risk to the soundness of the U.S. dollar?
  • And yet, today, AS I WRITE, the Fed is now buying $85 BILLION of U.S. government debt...EVERY MONTH...
  • And plans to keep doing so until unemployment gets down to 7%?? (In other words...pretty much forever?)

Remember when...all world oil trades were executed in the U.S. dollar? And now, increasingingly, they're NOT? That's right...China and Russia have deals to bypass the dollar for oil trades. Is that a sign of the "world reserve currency" cracking, or not?

Remember when...?


Now then, remember when our Church leaders advised us to have robust long-term food storage store some water avoid debt like the have emergency prepare "every needful thing" so that we can be self-reliant in our daily lives, and prepared when emergency/disaster strikes? Those were the good old days, weren't they?
  • What's that? Speak up, sonny, my hearing isn't as good as it used to be!
  • say the Brethren are STIL advising us to DO all of that food storage / emergency preparedness stuff? They even have a website admonishing us to get cracking, and to gently give us good guidance for how to proceed with our prepping??
  • You mean, we should trust our religious leaders...and not trust all of those smart people saying not to buy gold (when they're actually buying it, under the table)?

Hey, folks...I'm not here to tell you to buy gold or silver...that is a personal decision, based on YOUR family's situation, needs and plans.

But I AM here to tell you...that you'd better be preparing diligently, with forethought, planning and prudence. If you're new at prepping...don't go crazy or drive yourself into debt to get your food storage; OTOH, maybe you shouldn't let yourself be caught watching the paint dry, right?
  • I know, I know...I'm preaching to the choir here on AVOW.
  • Nevertheless, we've got many new members on AVOW...and

Gold repatriation is yet another sign of--at the very least--increasing instability in the world economic situation; of increased lack of faith in the world's de facto world reserver currency...yes, the U.S. dollar!
  • say they're technically not even dollars any more...but "Federal Reserve Notes?"
  • Well, golly gee wilikers...imagine that.
  • A dollar bill isn't even a dollar bill, any more.
  • You should ponder that for a short little while...and add additional impetus to your prepping.

No matter what economic level we find ourselves at...there are steps we CAN and SHOULD be taking to prepare better.
  • Lack of money is, quite simply and honestly, no excuse--there are too many alternative & inexpensive ways to implement food storage on the cheap.
The key ingredients we must have are, first, faith in the counsel that our religious leaders have been giving us for decades; and second, we must be determined to improve our preparedness posture. Wtih those two factors driving us forward...YES, you can become better prepared.

And remember...whenever George Soros starts saying that there's absolutely NO NEED for individual families to "prepare" for can be 1000% sure of the following:
  • First, you can be sure that HE Is busy building/stocking some lavish, luxurious retreat somewhere...and is just looking to keep prices low long enough for him to do so.
  • Second, you can be sure that as he gives that ill-gotten advice, Soros and the money men & women he consorts with...are preparing for massive inflation and the end of the U.S. dollar (ah, I mean, Federal Reserve Note!).
  • And, they'll even be "shorting" our FRNs, making money off of us even as we descend into economic collapse.

Yes, folks...REMEMBER WHEN...and then start doing or improving. We have been warned...more and enough. Start doing...or improving.


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