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Webinars, Web Conferences and Online Meetings hosted by Anthony Larson | InstantPresenter.com

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Welcome to my online courses. You will be amply rewarded for your interest and diligence.
If you wish to watch the Free Preview, simply click on the "Past Meetings" tab below. Scroll down until you find the "A Course Preview" listing, and then click "View Recording". There is no charge. After you fill in the required information, the presentation will begin automatically. Enjoy!
If you wish to watch one of the prerecorded lessons, follow the steps listed below.
It is strongly recommended that you watch the lessons in order, since each lesson builds on the information from previous lessons. For that reason, taking the lessons in some random order is discouraged. However, the choice is yours.
Step One: To watch a prerecorded class, simply click the "Past Meetings" tab below. Scroll down the menu to find the lesson you would like to watch.
Step Two: If you are viewing the lesson for the first time, click on the "Register" button for the desired lesson, fill in the information and follow the instructions to make your payment on Pay Pal. The one-time charge for each lesson is $10. Also, be sure to choose a password you can easily recall, since you will need to use it when you wish to repeat a class. The selected lesson will begin automatically when you have completed the registration process.
For students repeating a class: If you have already paid for a class and simply wish to review it, click the "View Recording" button and fill in your information. The class will begin automatically. If you have any problems with the login process, please contact me: anthonyelarson@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest.
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Exploring Revelation #10
Monday, January, 14 2013
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Mountain Time)
Show in My Timezone
Topic: Revelation #10
Description: Chapters 19 & 20


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