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30,000 Drones Over America - The New World Security And Its Effects On P...

30.000 Drones + 1.6 Billion Bullets – 2nd Amendment = Slavery

by horse237
You can take a pair of scissors to a gunfight. We won't. But you can. DHS
The Department of Homeland Security has ordered 1.6 billion hollow point bullets which are illegal to use in combat against foreign troops. The United States government is purchasing 30,000 drones, the majority of which will be armed. The 2010 US Census of the population documented exact GPS co-ordinates for every home in America. This will enable the United States government to fire Hellfire missiles from drones at every household in America just like they do in Afghanistan.
US Army Field manual FM 3-19-40 for Civilian Internment was published on August 1, 2001 by the George W Bush Administration one month and 11 days before 9-11-2001which was the supposed justification for invading Afghanistan. To set the record straight the US government had told its allies that they were going to invade Afghanistan so the attacks of 911 had nothing to do with the decision to invade the land that produces hundreds of billions of dollars of heroin money to further enrich the uber elite. 9-11 obviously followed 9-10-2001. The 911 attacks obscured the otherwise startling revelation by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10 that neither he nor his Comptroller rabbi Dov Zakheim could find 2.3 trillion dollars in taxpayer money that had gone walkabout at the DOD. The whole world was consumed by the attack on America by hijackers who could not fly a Cessna but could make a 270 degree power dive that few professional pilots could perform in simulations done since. Nobody paid attention to rabbi Dov Zakheim who had been president of a firm which owned the Command Transmitter System. The CTS permitted the operator to remotely control up to eight planes at once. We were told that Flight 77 by accident struck the exact spot where DOD accountants were busily attempting to track down and return to the taxpayers the trillions of dollars Secretary Rumsfeld had said the night before went missing. But the accountants all died. We never heard about that missing money on the Mainstream Media. We did hear a lot about 19 Arabs. But precious little about the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology's report that they could find absolutely No Arab DNA on what was claimed to be the wreckage of Flight 77.
The US Army published Field Manual FM 3-19-15 Civil Disturbance Operations on April 18, 2005 which was just about the time Americans first began hearing of Mortgage Backed Securities fraud. Our current recession began in 2007 and 2008. We just learned that the US GDP contracted 0.1% in the 4th quarter of 2012. But if we subtract the inflation rate of 9.6% cited by Shadow Stats, the US ended the year contracting at 9.7%. Tax law changes made it advantageous to write down January income in December which means the GDP actually contracted at more than 9.7% in December. We have overstocked inventories so there will be even fewer factory orders for February. Tax increases should cut an estimated 1.5% from first quarter 2013 GDP. We do have Ben Bernanke's miracle pushing the DOW past 14,000. But look at the Tokyo stock market. It was up in January in yen but flat in that same month if priced in dollars. The euro did rise in value but flattened out. Maybe that was because the Japanese offered to print a very big wad of yen to buy absolutely worthless euro bonds.
The US and the UK are in the greatest Bond Bubble in history. In fact we are in the greatest Bubble of any kind in the past 500 years. Interest rates are being kept artificially low and bond prices high by our Central bankers who are buying our own Treasurys. This will not last long. The ratings agency Egan Jones has been forbidden to rate American bonds for the next 16 months. Some say that is because our Banker Occupied Government fears an economic collapse within 16 months. I would say that our economy will collapse in closer to 16 weeks. And when it does, it will be the worst worldwide financial Depression in 500 years because we have more bad (i.e. fraudulent) debt than at any time in history. Of course this assumes you will not rise up and demand Debt Cancellation. But that would mean that bankers would lose the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from you which is why the bankers have been attacking the Bil of Rights.
Let's take another look at US Army Field Manual FM 3-19-15 Civil Disturbance Operations of April 18, 2005. It teaches US soldiers how to gather up protesters and send them to one of more than 800 FEMA and National Guard camps. They will be using sports stadiums and shopping malls as collection points. The manual says the reason for the riots would be economic distress. Do you think there will be an economic disaster in our near future? Your Banker Occupied Government obviously does.
Ever since the Israelis took down the World Trade Center with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001 with the help of Jewish and Gentile traitors inside the American government. The Banker Occupied Congress has passed the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which combined with Executive Orders has essentially repealed the protections of the Bill of Rights. All that stands between Americans and permanent slavery is their 300 million plus guns. And, if the bankers ever do take those guns, they will reduce men, women and children all over the world to chattel slavery.
The Banker Occupied Government has made noises repeatedly about forcing our pension funds, 401Ks and IRAs to invest 19 trillion dollars in US government debt. Don't worry about that. This government won't last long enough to pass that legislation. But, if they did, the bankers would be unloading their soon to be worthless bonds on you just days before the Biggest Crash in history. And that would really anger everyone including government workers. They too would lose their pensions. Of course the coming Hyperinflation will wipe out the wages of the civil service as well as private workers. Needless to say, the 100 million plus Americans on Social Security, Disability, Unemployment Insurance and Food Stamps plus the 8.7 million who dropped out of the work force since January 2009 will also be devastated by Hyperinflation. The only people who benefit from inflation are the bankers and their who use it to transfer your wealth from you to them.
I will once again repeat what I have said before:
The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.
Accept that fact and move on to the solution.
That is their plan for you.
What is your plan for them?


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