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Build up to WW3 - ISRAEL Puts Pressure On OBAMA to BOMB IRAN

Obama And Netanyahu Accidentally Launch World War III

by horse237
Monday April 8, 2013 Washington: At a White House meeting Obama's political advisers convince him that he needs to take bold decisive action overseas to counteract his plummeting approval ratings due to public discontent over proposed higher taxes, rising inflation and unemployment and the rapidly contracting economy. It is decided to look through the list of high value Al Qaeda suspects and to take out two men simultaneously at separate locations using drones. They also decide to make sure they get their men and the desired newspaper headlines by sending in a second Hellfire missile at each target so the combined death toll is over 100.
Monday April 8, 2013 Tel Aviv: The Israeli cabinet has a secret meeting to give the final Go Orders for Operation Jericho. The plan was to force the Americans to go to war against Syria and Iran so Israel can seize parts of Lebanon and Syria. After they seize the Litani river in Lebanon which has an annual flow of almost 250 billion gallons (946,352,945 Cubic Meters), they plan to expel the Palestinians from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis plan to justify their invasions of Lebanon and Syria by having operatives inside Syria launch poison gas missile attacks at Syria's second largest city Aleppo and at Israel making sure they do not kill any Israelis but cause a significant loss of life in Syria. Israeli mechanized units have been alerted and pre-positioned near the Lebanese border. They were told to bypass Hezbollah and to not stop until they seize the Litani river. The plan is to use a combination of American bunker buster bombs and napalm to take out Hezbollah's underground tunnel network. The Israelis learned in the 2006 Lebanese war that her forces could not successfully dig out even a few thousand dedicated soldiers.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 Washington:At Obama's Terror Tuesday meeting attended by his Chief of Staff and his senior political adviser decided to use a drone strike to take out the highest ranking leaders of Al Qaeda who were immediate;y available. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian surgeon and new Al Qaeda leader, had been in Pakistan but a rumor said he was on the move. A month earlier two Pakistanis who were paid in gold coins said separately that Zawahiri had been taken out of Pakistani by the Iranians who wanted Al Qaeda to work more closely with Hezbollah. The rumor had actually been created by a Pakistani politician who wanted to reduce the number of American drone strikes in his country. All those deaths from the skies had been angering his voters for several years. Being a politician he paid off the two men with political favors. In a separate incident a Lebanese businessman had been kidnapped and taken to a secret base in Saudi Arabia. He was tortured until he confessed that he had been making preparations for a series of secure locations for Zawahiri to stay in Lebanon for 10 days starting on Friday April 5th. US satellite and electronic eavesdropping facilities had been working 24 hours a day to confirm Zawahiri's presence in Lebanon ever since. The Terror Tuesday meeting was stacked with politicians and attended by John Brennan's successor who lacked the clout to tell the men who were not trained in intelligence that this whole story of Zawahiri in Lebanon did not pass the Giggle test. The deciding factor was a satellite photo of a Muslin cleric entering one of the three buildings named by the American torture victim. A computer analysis of the photo produced an 80% probability that the man was identical to the latest CIA photo of Zawahiri taken several years before. To make sure they got their man and a quota of at least 100 bodies to crowd all the protests and turmoil in the press they decided to take out three locations with two Hellfire missiles each.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:15 PM Syria: Israeli agents fire three missiles with nerve gas warheads at Israel and then three at Aleppo. (All times given are local Damascus time.)
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:17 PM Syria: American drones fire two Hellfire missiles 30 seconds apart at three separate locations in Lebanon. Unfortunately for the Americans Zawahiri was still in Pakistan. But Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah was killed. A surviving aide calls the first man on his phone tree to begin mobilization.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:18 PM Tel Aviv: Satisfied that the false flag attack has worked Prime Minister Netanyahu orders the Israeli Air Force to take out all Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon and Syria with bunker buster bombs and napalm. The mechanized units are ordered to cross in to Lebanon and to seize the Litani river before dark.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:19 PM Syria: Hezbollah headquarters receives word from a trusted field commander that the Israelis have invaded Lebanon and also from the Syrians that Israel is launching their entire Air Force. Hezbollah orders all 50,000 of their missiles to be launched as quickly as possible. He informs the Syrians of his decision. Also at that same time American, Syrian, Russian and Iranian radar seeing the Israeli activity put all of their forces on the highest alert level. Political leaders all over the world are called in to monitor events and make decisions.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:19 PM Turkey: A Lebanese mercenary in the Free Syrian Army who is a member of the anti-Hezbollah, pro-Israeli March 14th Movement receives a phone call from his sister who is a college student back in Lebanon. She says the Americans have fired missiles at their apartment complex and killed their entire family and maybe a hundred neighbors when the building collapsed. He swears revenge. Ar that point the conversation stops as the Americans have cut off all cellular phones in the region. He is near the Syrian border and has four missiles in his pickup truck. He fires two missiles at the nearest American Patriot missile battery and two at the nearest Russian Iskander missile battery. He drives to his FSA supply point to pick up more missiles and a NATO sniper rifle.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:20 PM Turkey: An American Patriot missile battery is nearly hit by an incoming missile. Their radar picks up the launching of both the Syrian Air Force and Hezbollah's missiles being fired. A frightened Army lieutenant orders his men to fire at the Syrian jets before they take us out.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:21 PM Syria: A Russian field commander whose unit was also nearly hit by a missile sees the radar activity and the launching of Patriot missiles being fired at Syria. He follows his orders and orders his men to fire their Iskander missiles at the American Patriot missile batteries in Turkey. The Iskander is a Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM) with a range of 400 Km (250 miles) capable of Mach 6 to 7 speed and carries a 700 to 800 Kg (1,543 to 1,764 pounds) warhead depending on the version. The Americans fire every Patriot missile they have and scramble their jets at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:22 PM Syria: The Russians fire their Iskander missiles at the American forces in Turkey taking out the Incirlik Air Base.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:22 PM Syria: The Syrians decide the war is on and order their nearly 100,000 missiles to be fired at the Israelis and the Turks.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:22 PM Tel Aviv: Netanyahu is told that Syria has entered the war and that Hezbollah is till firing missiles. If they are allowed to continue firing, the combined enemy missile forces will destroy every centimeter of metropolitan Tel Aviv where 42% of all Israeli Jews live. Greater Haifa will also be gone. It will take out their refineries, their industry, their military bases and their nuclear reactor at Dimona. Netanyahu decides it is taking too long to eliminate those missiles so he goes nuclear. He orders a hydrogen bomb dropped on Damascus which lies in a valley and tactical nukes fired at every location in Syria and Lebanon where Israeli radar is picking up activity.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:23 PM Tehran: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, orders an attack on all American forces in the area, at the traitorous regimes of Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and at Israel. The Iranians called up their 2.5 million man army reserves. All of their 3,000 anti-aircraft batteries are fully operational. They had already launched their drones and their navy. Their Air Force completed launching.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:24 PM Tehran: The Iranians launch all of their missiles. They order their planes away from combat towards Afghanistan having previously decided to save them for the second wave and to rely on their missiles in the first wave. They targeted American carriers and cruisers in the Persian Gulf with their latest version of Fateh 110 Mach 3.5 SRBM which has a range of 300 Kms (186 miles). They have shared it with their brothers in Syria. These missiles aimed at the larger American ships had Fuel Air Explosive (FAE) warheads. Fires and explosives both require oxygen. Conventional bombs are 3/4ths filled with oxygenates that enable the bomb to explode. A FAE has two explosions about 25 milliseconds apart. The first one forces a fuel nixture out into the atmosphere. The second explosion ignites the fuel using the oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere. It has 3 to 4 times the punch of a conventional bomb. It sends out shock waves and burns up all the oxygen in a radius of half a mile (.8 Km) or more. Their strategy was to overwhelm the American ships with incoming missiles from hundreds of fast boats, helicopters and planes as well as the shore. The drones nearest the cruisers and carriers fired their missiles at the radar and the control rooms. The American ships were devastated and were all sinking within two minutes. Within 5 minutes every one of the 35 American military bases in the region had been hit multiple times with FAEs. The American jets in the air had no bases where they could return to safely refuel. The Iranians had ordered attacks by their allies at what was left of the American bases. Some pilots heeded the calls of help from American ground forces in Iraq. Others flew directly to Turkey. Others went on suicide missions against Iran where they were met with missile fire from the Iranian S-300. HQ-9, HQ7, SA 29 (Tor M1). SA 22 SA 6. SA 5, SA 2 and Rapier missiles. Most went to assemble in Turkey as they knew the fleet in Diego Garcia would be nuking Iran in a matter of minutes.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:26 PM Tel Aviv: Gabi Ashkenazi, former Chief of Staff for the IDF, arrives at the entrance to Netanyahu's command bunker. He is met by an Israeli captain who had been called up for the duration of the war. The captain yells attention and salutes his former commander. Gabi returns the salute. Both men knew this was their last salute. Gabi is well received by the military men in the command center. He is apprised of the situation. Syria is still firing missiles despite being hit by tactical nuclear weapons and an H-bomb. The Iranians have entered the war firing all of their missiles. It looks like Iran's long range missiles are headed towards Israel. Netanyahu orders the submarine within range of Iran to nuke the place. Damage and casualty reports are announced as they come in. They are all bad. The nuclear reactor at Dimona will definitely meltdown. All major Israeli cities and military bases are expected to cease to exist within minutes. When they announce that Israeli radar has picked up incoming missiles from Pakistan, everyone in the room knows this means Israel will take a direct hit from multiple thermonuclear bombs. Netanyahu orders the Samson option.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:28 PM Washington: Military leaders at the Pentagon are in contact with their counterparts in Moscow. They decide to leave the politicians out of the loop. They all know that what is left of Israel will soon be hit by multiple thermonuclear weapons. This means the Samson option, an Israeli plan to fire their nuclear weapons at the world because things had gone drastically wrong. An American Naval Intelligence captain decided to get things going so he revealed the Pentagon's best estimate of where the six Israeli nuclear armed Dolphin class submarines were. The Russian and American military machines combined forces to sink all of the Israeli subs. One sub off the European coast had fired missiles at Rome, Berlin, Paris, London and St Petersburg before an American missile destroyed it. Another submarine was allowed to fire 7 missiles off the coast of Iran before an American missile struck it. The sub was allowed to destroy Iran as revenge for American losses over the past few minutes. All of the other Israeli submarines were sunk by the Russian and American military. The thermonuclear exchange between Pakistan and India raised the radiation count in the northern hemisphere to unacceptable levels. Private planes filled with billionaires sought refuge in Patagonia and Australia. Million dollar bribes were paid. Cancer rates went astronomically upwards. American leaders took refuge in underground cities and issued press releases saying the US economy was on the road to recovery. Above ground the dollar collapsed making it impossible to afford food with worthless paychecks and Food Stamps. Within two weeks every major city in America was destroyed by race and food riots.
Tuesday April 9, 2013 5:30 PM Tel Aviv: It has been only 15 minutes since those Israeli agents gad fired their missiles at Aleppo and Israel. But it seemed like ages ago. Gabi Ashkenazi began cursing Netanyahu. He stuns Netanyahu with a sucker punch and begins strangling him with his bare hangs. Nobody comes to Netanyahu's rescue. When Netanyahu's cold body slumps to the floor, a cabinet minister says, "Gabi Ashkenazi, I guess you are the new Prime Minister of Israel."


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