Cleon Skousen on John Taylors Vision

John Taylor prophecy of a second civil war

Just came across this talk by John Taylor prophesying of another coming civil war here in America that will be worse than the first. I included only a portion of the talk - wherein he talks of a second civil war.

Delivered at the General Conference, Held in the Tabernable [sic]
Salt Lake City, Oct. 6th, 1879.
(Reported by Geo. F. Gibbs.)

Need we be surprised that people should feel inimical to the Gospel
of Jesus Christ? No. Need we be surprised that men, as the scriptures
say, "should wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived?" No. We
have preached it--I have preached it upwards of forty years in this nation
and in other nations. Need we be surprised that they should trample under
foot the Constitution of the United States? No; Joseph Smith told us that
they would do it. Many around me here knew long ago that they would do
this thing and further knew that the last people that should be found to
rally around that sacred instrument and save it from the grasp of
unrighteous men would be the Elders of Israel! When, therefore, we see
these things progressing need we be astonished? I do not think we need
be. Some of our people you know, who are a little shaky and get how? Why
a little astride of the fence, and say "good Lord and good devil," not
knowing into whose hands they will fall; when they see some of these
things transpiring they are filled with amazement; but men who understand
themselves, and who are in possession of the gift of the Holy Ghost and
the Spirit of the living God, are looking for such things and they are not
at all surprised. Were we surprised when the last terrible war took place
here in the United States? No; good Latter-day Saints were not, for they
had been told about it. Joseph Smith had told them where it would start,
that it should be a terrible time of bloodshed and that it should start in
South Carolina. But I tell you today the end is not yet. You will see
worse things than that, for God will lay his hand upon this nation, and
they will feel it more terribly than ever they have done before; there
will be more bloodshed, more ruin, more devastation than never they have
seen before. Write it down! You will see it come to pass; it is only
just starting in.
And would you feel to rejoice? No; I would feel sorry.
I knew very well myself when this last war was commencing, and could have
wept and did weep, over this natiou [sic]; but there is yet to come a
sound of war, trouble and distress, in which brother will be arrayed
against brother, father against son, son against father, a scene of
desolation and destruction that will permeate our land until it will be a
vexation to hear the report thereof.
Would you help to bring it about?
No, I would not; I would stop it if I could. I would pour in the oil and
the wine and balm and try to lead people in the right path that will be
governed by it, but they won't. Our Elders would do the same, and we are
sending them forth doing all that we can, selecting the very best men we
can put our hands upon--men of faith, men of honor, men of integrity--to
go forth to preach the Gospel to this nation and to other nations. And
how do they receive them? Not long ago they killed one and mobbed others.
Well, we cannot help that. They are in the dark; they do not realize the
position they occupy; they know not what spirit they are of. But it is
our duty to have our bowells [sic] full of compassion extended to them, to
send forth the massage [sic] of life. But when our Elders go among these
people they have to take their lives in their hands and trust in the
living God. Nevertheless, we need not be afraid, we need not be troubled
about any of these matters. "Fear not them which kill the body, but are
not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy
both soul and body in hell." Yea, I say unto you fear Him; and we feel
to-day, while we would submit to every ordinance of man that is just,
equitable and right, observe every law and interfere with no man's rights,
we are not ignorant of the fact that it is unjust for legislatures and
courts to make and enforce laws to entrap and destroy us; that a
magnanimous and just government would protect all its citizens; but we
feel, at the same time, that the Lord is our God, the Lord is our judge,
the Lord is our Law-giver, the Lord is our King, and he shall rule over
us; and all that feel like saying that say Amen. (The vast congregation
responded "Amen.")


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