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The Top 50 Survival Blogs!

RANKBlog NameprprScore
1SHTF Plan52548012
3The Survival Podcast43708410
4Urban Survival4527278
5The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog3558667
6The Survivalist Blog5719977
7In Case Of Emergency616886136
8Willow Haven Outdoor51933755
9Doom And Bloom52761625
10Preparedness Pantry55995415
11Survival Cache3830904
12American Preppers Network4976144
13Off Grid Survival41005434
14Modern Survival Blog41065214
15Modern Survival Online41142184
16The Survival Mom41209754
17Prepper Website41232184
18Survival Monkey41344024
19Backdoor Survival41479204
20Preparedness Pro42070294
21Tactical Intelligence42084014
22Armageddon Online42328574
23The Apartment Preppers Blog43363784
24Prepper Podcast Radio Network43375114
25Pioneer Survival Blog43641104
26Simply Canning43852794
27Surviving In Argentina43926294
28Food Storage And Survival44961394
29Nature Skills45905914
30Wilderness Survival Skills46454644
31Stealth Survival46550944
32Survival Topics47758734
33Survival Joe47967544
34Survival And Prosperity48295504
35ATEP Emergency Preparedness Blog49966924
36Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest410688024
38The Just In Case Book Blog445735384
39CARDs Blog454771964
40The Wilderness Survival Guide456347954
41Preparedness And Response464765904
42Ready Nutrition32148893
43My Family Survival Plan32323123
44The Survival Doctor32372593
45Shepherd School32501993
46Survival Spot32696213
47Survival And Beyond32794433
48TEOTWAWKI Blog32960253
49SHTF Blog33004843
50Backwoods Survival Blog33512693

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For Readers
These are the top 50 blogs in the survival niche. By keeping their blogs up to date with news, ideas, and fresh and valuable content they provide you with the very best survival information. Share this list with everyone you know who is interested in learning survival.
For Advertisers
The top 50 survival bloggers are some of the most influential in the survival niche. Getting your name and product in front of these survival bloggers and their audiences can bring increased awareness of your company and bring additional sales. If these guys don’t know who you are then you need to let them know!
For Bloggers
These are your friends. These are people as dedicated to learning and sharing information about survival as you are. The SurvivalTop50 lets you quickly see how your blog ranks compared to your peers. Oh yeah, and we hope the SurvivalTop50 sends you tons of traffic!
How are the survival blogs ranked?
The entire ranking is objective and for fun. The real goal of SurvivalTop50 is to bring exposure to great survival bloggers. Currently only Google and Alexa are used to rank a site and each get 10 points towards a total of 20. The better your blog does in the eyes of Google and Alexa, the better you will rank here.


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