Prophetic Update February 11, 2013

Prophecy of the Pope

Here is a documentary about St Malachi's prophecy - it lasts about 12 mins.

They talk about some of their symbols that match up with the prophecy's - what I didn't know until Tom Horn talked about it is these symbols are chosen years before they become a pope.
The Following Phrase Is Being Shared Because I Feel The Two Members Of, The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints Is A Very Important Exchange.
I believe that we could very well be in or near the "last week" and that we could see the devastations of Armageddon with Christ's return to the Mt of Olives. While actually being in the last week is possible, a lot would have to happen in a very short time if that were the case...yet we are "hastening" so maybe...
Keep in mind that coming to the world is vastly different from coming to the Jews. Both will be separated by some time. Armageddon could happen and it may take 10 years, possibly longer, because of the necessary missionary work, before He comes again.
I know that the blood moon tetrad for 2014-15 on Jewish Feastdays with the two solar eclipses on the Jewish civil and religious New Year means something and has significance. My hope is that it will be something as "good" as the beginning of the gathering of the Jews to Israel in 1948 was and also the retaking of Jerusalem in 1967. Perhaps the Jews will build their temple and Christ will accept their efforts in 2015, or we could build ours in the New Jerusalem and he could come to His temple there or ...
Something that also needs to be said here is note how these tetrads occurred AFTER the major events, not BEFORE. Israel was a nation, THEN it happened. The '67 war unified Jerusalem, THEN it happened again. It is entirely possible that what this portends will happen THIS YEAR, as that is BEFORE these signs.

There is just too much to know and happen before He comes to the world, or even the New Jerusalem. We all would like to have this nightmare end tomorrow, but to expect that is folly.


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