How the U.S. Could End Up in Worse Economic Shape Than Greece

Gene Epstein, Economic Editor of the column "Economic Beat" at Barron's Magazine joins Stansberry Radio this week to discuss his recent article published on the cover of Barron's -- "Next Stop Greece". You won't want to miss them discuss the fact "that if we fail to rein in spending and increase taxes -- starting now -- the U.S. in 22 years could be in worse shape than Greece is today."

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 A few big moves stand out in Barack Obama ‘s first Presidential term.

* The $800 billion stimulus plan passed in 2009.

* The $5 trillion in debt accumulation—the most of any President in history.

* The passage of Obamacare… the assassination of Osama Bin Laden… and huge tax increases.

But one of the most widely-read financial journalists in America says these events are NOTHING compared to the really big surprise that could be part of Obama’s 2nd Presidential term.

In fact, this Maryland journalist  says if these events soon come to pass, as he expects, it will result in the most dramatic change to American life we’ve seen in more than 50 years.

I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to review this journalist’s work for yourself.

I guarantee it will be worth your time, and a real eye-opener.

We’ve posted his full analysis on our website. You can access it free of charge, here.


George Rayburn
Publisher, S&A Research


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