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Comet ISON in 2013 (C/2012 S1) James McCanney (The Testimony of Ancient History) Link To The Above Title

(I've Added This Clear Explanation Of What Is Coming Via The Prophet Joseph Smith And Other Key Testimonies.)

The reply to such dismissive notions is the evidence that the Prophet Joseph Smith diligently studied and taught these things. It was Joseph who first wrote and spoke of planets and stars in connection with both ancient and prophetic events. It was Joseph who placed the Egyptian documents alongside modern revelation and then included explanations. It was Joseph who gave the pattern for those icons collocated on modern temple walls — not as mere décor, but as teaching tools.
 Isn't that incentive enough to look into these keys? Indeed, the fact that Joseph taught these things makes it incumbent upon every Latter-day Saint to learn all they can about them. If he deemed them important enough to reveal, we ignore them at our own peril.
 These keys bear directly upon otherwise arcane aspects of the restored gospel, succes…