America, We Are In Trouble...

The Arrogant Banker Says Goodbye (Link To The Above Title, America, We Are In Trouble)
A very informative and personal view on America's equality problem.

I did not realize that it has been almost two years since I wrote to you. I told you that we bankers would keep you around until you had nothing left to steal. We have just about stolen everything from you so of course it is time for you to die. If you cannot serve us by paying taxes to support us, then you have no function in our world. And make no mistake about it: This world belongs to us because we stole it.
We have been degrading your health for decades. We have put viruses and other contaminants in your vaccines which we force you to take. We invented the shaken baby syndrome so we can prosecute you for brain hemorrhages your children suffer after being vaccinated. The children of billionaires don’t die from those vaccines. We have a Universal Vaccine that improves our health. The contaminants in your vaccines make you sick. They damage your brain. They give you cancer. And we make at least $300,000 every time we kill one of you with cancer.
The transfer of wealth from you to us in the modern era began in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This gave us the right to create your money as a loan at interest. We took over your government and the right to declare war. That is how we got you into WW I, WW II, the Korean War, the Vietnam and the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, Also in 1913 we had the government create the Internal Revenue Service because we needed the income tax to pay for the interest on the debt and for all the wars we wanted you to fight for our benefit.
But those who are addicted to fighting wars never understood that we also profit from the destruction of American families. We sent 56,000 factories overseas. The lack of quality jobs destroyed millions of families. It has also made trillion dollar deficits mandatory for America. The federal government has subsidized illegitimacy since the 1960s. The black illegitimacy rate has risen from 10% to over 70%. Food Stamp usage has risen sharply by design. We do not want you to have families. We want you to be dependent upon the government we own.
People with families, moral values and traditions are dangerous as are people who can think. We have lowered your IQ with fluoride. We have the media accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist if you do not drink fluoridated water or take dangerous vaccines. But you will never see one of us drinking it.
But things are getting serious. I personally sold more than 2 trillion dollars in Credit Default Swaps (CDS). I would sell another 2 trillion tomorrow if I could. I know I will never have to pay. I should explain what a Credit Default Swap is. Brooksley Born was chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in 1999 when she tried to ban them. CDS are a false and unregulated form of insurance. They can be used to guarantee worthless Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) so they can be sold to your pension funds which are required to only buy AAA rated bonds. There are at least 700 trillion dollars of those fake CDS out there waiting to be claimed if Beppe Grillo wins the Italian elections and says no to paying money on debts created out of nothing. CDS are ten times the value of the world’s total economic output so we know that an economic collapse is coming really soon.
Things went into high gear when BP blew up the Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico on Hitler’s birthday 4-20-2010. This allowed BP to contaminate the entire Gulf with Corexit. On 3-11-2011 the Fukushima reactors melted down. after somehow a Mossad-CIA created virus called Stuxnet got past an Israeli security firm to damage the initial response to the earthquake and tsunami. This radiation was proven to be 300 times worse than Chernobyl by Dr Busby’s study of the air filters of Japanese cars. What you in the general public do not realize is that radiation from Fukushima and Depleted Uranium as well is working synergistically together with the Corexit to be 10 times as deadly as they are separately. That is bad news for your future health but good news for us. It enriches us as well as diminishes your ability to resist.
Many observers of the American scene have said it appears that the US government is trying to provoke a civil war. They are purchasing 2.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition which they say is to reduce costs. They have bought 30,000 drones and most of these are to be armed so they can spy on you as well as kill you. They have passed laws and made statements saying they can arrest you and hold you without a trial or a lawyer. They have released videos of their new mini drones the size of insects that can also spy on you and kill you. They have prepared over 800 National Guard and FEMA camps to hold millions of people. This at a time when any sensible person knows there will be nationwide food riots as soon as the dollar collapses and 180 million Americans will not be able to afford to eat even once a day. And this is for a population of 310 million that owns at least 350 million guns.
But civil war is only part of the plan to destroy America. 22 states have banned together to form state militias to replace the National Guard which we had federalized. Do not worry we are always three steps ahead of you.
We are expecting New Madrid and southern California earthquakes to make America a living hell with armed gangs killing each other for scarce resources. I should point out that in the last series of 4 quakes on the New Madrid fault zone in 1811-12 that the Mississippi river reversed the direction of its flow . Most of America’s 300,000 miles of natural gas pipelines and 200,000 miles of oil lines cross through the New Madrid fault zone area which is in the center of the country. Cutting those lines will bring America down.
Of course those quakes will cause a couple of meltdowns at nuclear power plants. This will make darn sure there is no safe food that you could afford to eat. That is how we plan to destroy America.
You do realize that we have the means to make quakes happen sooner rather than later.
So now you know we have decided to kill you. You can do nothing because we own the banks, the news media and the government.
Do you want to know what is hilarious about all of this death and destruction? We want a civil war but have made no plans for the police, the government officials and the military to survive. We will let them fight and die protecting us on the surface of the earth.
If you do not have a home prepared for you in one of our underground cities, I have seen them and they are wonderful.
I will be making my final farewells now. I do not think you have that much longer to live. Look on the bright side. After the economy collapses, you will not have to worry about buying Christmas presents. I cannot tell you the exact date when I will be going underground. But even my homes above ground have special micron filters against radiation. And I try to avoid flying to reduce my exposure to radiation. Look at all those celebrities collapsing on stage of late. They don’t seem to realize they have been nuked.
I have been converting all the money I stole from you into tons of gold so my family and I will not emerge penniless after you cease to exist.
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