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I've Included A Well Thought Out Comparison Of 1941 And Our Current Life In 2013., The Model Set Up For The Comparison Comes Via A Stout Member Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, And I Cannot Take Credit For This, But I Can Say That I Testify Of The Validity Of The Comparison.

Comparison of 1941 and 2013 – Have We Been Warned?

Many of us have heard that the time for the call out or financial collapse is not near or that the second coming is far into the future. We hear questions like the following as justification that the coming tribulations are far off:
Why would the church still be sending out missionaries and in fact expanding the missionary force?
Why are they still building and announcing temples?
If such bad things are going to happen in the near future, why haven’t the prophets given us specific direction regarding when certain calamities or disasters are going to happen so we can be prepared?

As I thought about this line of reasoning, I remembered that my father was on his mission when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place in December 1941. My mother was in high school. Life changed for Americans that day. After my dad returned home from his mission, in two months he got married and was then off to war for four years before he returned home to his wife. All male members of my mother’s graduating class were drafted or enlisted right after high school graduation. My grandmother had four stars in her front window, representing four sons in the war. Fortunately all four returned. There were 406,000 killed (including 6,000 merchant marine civilians); 600,000 wounded; and 5,600 American civilians killed in WWII. The resulting changes from the initial attack and the war that followed affect America even today. It was a watershed moment and event in our country’s history.

I don’t have access to the conference reports for 1941, but I wonder if there were talks given specifically on preparing for life during wartime. I wonder if there were talks about missionary work without missionaries in the field or directives regarding calling missionaries home and suspending missionary calls for the near future. Were there talks about how to deal with the death of a loved one killed on the other side of the world? I am supposing, and I am waiting to be proven wrong, that there were no such talks. I suspect that the talks given that conference dealt primarily on living the gospel, faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, the atonement, obedience, following the Spirit, etc., just like the talks in our latest conference. If anyone has access to, they can access these conference reports and give us a report.

I suspect that the general membership of the church was as surprised as most Americans when the US was attacked and they joined in World War II. I doubt there were talks given in October conference on recycling, living on rationed commodities like sugar, butter, gasoline, etc. These are things that Americans had to learn to do however, even without specific guidance and warning from the prophets. It would be interesting to know when the church postponed calling missionaries. Was it before or after December 7, 1941?

Just as the church was not giving specific direction or warning for an upcoming calamity in 1941, I see the same in 2013. Just as the church was sending out missionaries right up to the attack in 1941, I see the same in 2013. Just as the church was constructing buildings in 1941, I see the same in 2013. Just as the saints were surprised in 1941, so will they be surprised by the soon to happen events.

However, the Lord did not leave the members of the church alone through WWII and neither will he leave us alone in the coming calamities. He is aware of us and our future. He has warned us of the coming calamities, but he has not given the general membership specific dates. I do know that the Spirit has warned many, including my family and me. We have prepared without specific direction from the prophets. However, nothing in our preparation conflicts with any teaching of the prophets.

I hope that none of us get discouraged in our preparations, but continue to keep our shoulder to the wheel and not shirk as we look forward to the glorious second coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Events are coming soon.
Now I've Also Included Two  Very Well Thought Out Comments:
Read the 1941 conference report
I just read through the 1941 April Conference Report. Mention was made of the impending war in Europe and having to evacuate missionaries serving in foreign countries and being reassigned to the US. Most of the talks though were the standard themes we have heard for many years.

J. Ruben Clark's talk could have been given this past April and would have been as applicable and current as it was in 1941. He spoke of our eroding constitutional rights and spoke of conspiring men who through the means of war and other methods were systematically  destroying the freedoms of this country.

Church members  would have had no idea that 8 short months later their worlds would turn upside down. Likewise we have no definite ideas when the world as we know it will change. Stay tuned, folks."
Advancing the Cause

"Just as the church of the devil is aggressively advancing it's cause, The Church of Jesus Christ is aggressively advancing it's cause. The Church of Jesus Christ cannot advance it's core mission without preaching faith, repentance, baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost to all who will hear, preaching and implementing the pure doctrines of Christ, sending out more missionaries, advancing temple and genealogical work, serving others, and so forth."


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