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In this examination of the scriptures and what is in the codes about Wormwood and a Comet/ISON that is connected to it.

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These connections become particularly useful when we consider the following enigmatic passage from John’s vision. "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." (Revelation 9:11.)
 Earlier in that same chapter, it is a "star" that opens the bottomless pit. Of course, we've learned in earlier installments in this series that the ancients commonly called planets that once hovered near the Earth "stars."
 Can you see where this is leading? John implied that, this "king," "angel" or "star" — Apollyon — was the planet Mars. This is the key.
So when the Lord referred to David as the apple of his eye. He was likening him to mars/Apollo the God of war. That would have been a huge compliment to the warrior king.
Exactly, Michael. Mars was the red "apple" in the eye of God (Saturn/Venus). That's where the cultural tradition of a son being said to be the apple of his father's eye came from. Every ancient king, including David, sought to associate himself with Mars in one way or another.
Thus, we learn many things from John’s carefully worded explanation in these few verses.
 Foremost, we learn that this "king," which is also the "angel of the bottomless pit" and the "star" that fell to the earth, is a planet. Thus, we must conclude that other references to kings, angels, beasts, stars and creatures in John’s account may be references to planets as well.
 This tendency to use common images to describe celestial objects is still practiced today where star constellations are given names like Great Bear, Lion and Archer, and where the greatest star cluster is called the Milky Way. It’s a cultural tradition from antiquity, employed by John, which we preserve in the present.
 It also fits perfectly with Joseph Smith's teaching that the beasts seen by prophets in heavenly visions are not beasts at all but "images" meant to represent something else. (For clarification of this, see "Joseph Smith's Marvelous Key.")   See,

"The key to all prophetic symbolism lies in the knowledge of ancient cosmic imagery. Without those vital keys, all scripture is to us as a sealed book, including the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Savior himself." Anthony E. Larson

The imagery spawned in cosmic apparitions which dominated Earth's ancient heavens, employed by the Savior and all the prophets, is not exclusive to this creation. It is as eternal as God himself. That is, every world ever created by God has been graced by the same glorious celestial phantasmagoria -- planetary and plasma discharges -- witnessed by our ancestors. That this marvel is a mystery to us is due to our own failure to take our modern prophets, beginning with Joseph Smith, at their word." Anthony E. Larson

Your Journey to Understanding Begins Here
Anthony E. Larson, researcher and author, has generated a considerable body of information you can use to expand your understanding of the prophets, the scriptures and the endowment. As you explore the fascinating, informative and revelatory information in these monographs, you will discover a whole new side of the Restored Gospel that has been nearly invisible to you.
If you care to read more than these monographs, you can visit the blog “Things As They Are, Were and Are To Come,” or here on Scribd.

Anthony E. Larson
Writing is what I do for a living as well as for enjoyment. A freelance journalist for the last 12 years, published in several newspapers, magazines and websites, I have also been a successful video producer and writer, as well as an award-winning composer during my rich and varied career.
Though it was never my intent to be an author, I started my writing career the hard way by producing five books for the LDS community.
It was my lifelong interest in prophecy that first led me to do so. When I came cross a novel view of ancient history that seemed to marvelously illuminate the metaphorical language of the scriptures, I felt compelled to explain it to my fellow Saints. I felt compelled to demonstrate the incredibly broad application it had to the restored gospel and the teachings of the prophets. So, I started writing about it … and haven’t stopped.
For two decades, I retreated from big city life, choosing the wide-open spaces and big sky of Northeastern California, where my wife, Carla, and I lived on a 40-acre ranch in a home I built years ago with considerable help from my eight children, before they all grew up, moved away and started their own families.
I now live in Salt Lake City. Partially retired, I continue to write. I still compose and arrange orchestral and choral music on my computer-based digital system at home. I also dabble in the occasional video project.
Lastly,  I continue to explore the implications of my research into ancient planetary history and its bearing upon the restored gospel in print, in online classes and video. The more I discover about those ancient celestial events and conditions, the better I understand the origins of temple and scriptural imagery.
Like Joseph Smith, I say that Revelation is “the plainest book God ever caused to be written.” Thankfully, one need not be a prophet and receive visions to understand the language used by the prophets. All one needs is an understanding of the origins of their metaphors and imagery in cosmic apparitions that arose in Earth’s ancient skies. That applies to the Book of Abraham and the enigmatic Egyptian facsimiles as well. But perhaps most important of all is the meaningful significance I find in temple symbolism and ritual, which is chock full of information. It’s much like reading a book.
I urge you to consider the ideas presented here on this website, on my blog and in my classes if you wish to expand your understanding of the scriptures, the prophets and temple rituals. Knowing these things will expand your comprehension of the gospel and your testimony of its truthfulness beyond anything you ever imagined possible. Come, join me in a voyage of discovery and expansive vistas of knowledge.


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