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D&C 38:13, 28. “The Enemy. . . Seeketh Your
The Saints should not be surprised when the world
opposes the kingdom and tries to thwart the work of
God, for He Himself promised that such would be
the case. Elder Joseph F. Smith said that “the hatred
of the wicked always has and always will follow the
Priesthood and the Saints. The devil will not lose
sight of the power of God vested in man—the Holy
Priesthood. He fears it, he hates it, and will never
cease to stir up the hearts of the debased and corrupt
in anger and malice towards those who hold this
power, and to persecute the Saints, until he is
bound.” (In
Journal of Discourses,
Elder Bruce R. McConkie made this observation
in general conference:
“Nor are the days of our greatest sorrows and our
deepest sufferings all behind us. They too lie ahead.
shall yet face greater perils, we shall yet be tested
with more severe trials, and we shall yet weep more
tears of sorrow than we have ever known before
“The way ahead is dark and dreary and dreadful.
There will yet be martyrs; the doors in Carthage shall
again enclose the innocent. We have not been
promised that the trials and evils of the world will
entirely pass us by.
“If we, as a people, keep the commandments of
God; if we take the side of the Church on all issues,
both religious and political; if we take the Holy Spirit
for our guide; if we give heed to the words of the
apostles and prophets who minister among us—then,
from an eternal standpoint, all things will work
together for our good.
“Our view of the future shall be undimmed, and,
whether in life or in death, we shall see our blessed
Lord return to reign on earth. We shall see the New
Jerusalem coming down from God in heaven to join
with the Holy City we have built. We shall mingle
with those of Enoch’s city while together we worship
and serve the Lord forever.” (In Conference Report,
Apr. 1980, pp. 98–100; or
May 1980, pp. 71, 73.)
D&C 38:30. “If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not
President Ezra Taft Benson commented on this verse
in one of his general conference addresses:
“What are some of the calamities for which we are
to prepare? In section 29 the Lord warns us of ‘a great
hailstorm sent forth to destroy the crops of the earth.’
(D&C 29:16.) In section 45 we read of ‘an overflowing
scourge; for a desolating sickness shall cover the
land.’ (D&C 45:31.) In section 63 the Lord declares he
has ‘decreed wars upon the face of the earth. . . .’
(D&C 63:33.)
“In Matthew, chapter 24, we learn of ‘famines, and
pestilences, and earthquakes. . . .’ (Matt. 24:7.) The
Lord declared that these and other calamities shall
occur. These particular prophecies seem not to be
conditional. The Lord, with his foreknowledge,
knows that they will happen. Some will come about
through man’s manipulations; others through the
forces of nature and nature’s God, but that they will
come seems certain. Prophecy is but history in
reverse—a divine disclosure of future events.
“Yet, through all of this, the Lord Jesus Christ
has said: ‘. . . if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.’
(D&C 38:30.)
“What, then, is the Lord’s way to help us prepare
for these calamities? The answer is also found in
section 1 of the Doctrine and Covenants, wherein he
says: [D&C 1:17–18, 37].
“Here then is the key—look to the prophets for
the words of God, that will show us how to prepare
for the calamities which are to come [see D&C 1:38].”
(In Conference Report, Oct. 1973, p. 89; or


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