If you would like to find the full text of this speech by Spencer W. Kimball, please visit http://warlikepeople.com/

I've Added Brother Young's 2nd Book, That May Fill In The Blanks Of The Above Video.

Roger K. Young's 2nd book in the ZION'S REFUGE series "The Collapse" is finally done and ready to send to you!

Follow this link for full Details

and to read the 1st and 2 chapters.


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This fictional series follows several fictional characters as they experience, first hand, the events of the last days, leading up to and including the gathering of the righteous, the miracles, wars and destruction of the last days, the places of refuge, the changes in the earth, the great false prophet, the building of Zion, the great Holy City, the rapture, the 144,000, the Boys from the Mountain, the attack & defeat of the invading armies into America, the return of the lost ten tribes, the return of the Savior in power and great glory, the final destruction of the wicked which is the end of the world


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