Rumor Of War - War III (Full Documentary) Link

I've Also, Added A New Roger K. Young Audio About The Very Last Days-

Roger's Friday Night Presentation at the Super Prep Fair 2013 (Orem, Utah)

Here's the link to Rogers talk tonight. It's not complete, I got all the good stuff at the end, but I received a phone call in the middle of the first part of the talk and didn't realize it had shut off my recorder. Luckily, the material I didn't get was part of his presentation in 2012 which I've also included so feel free to listen to the 2012 presentation up till when Roger starts speaking about the 13 month war and then flip over and listen to the 2013 presentation and, in a round about way, you've got the entire thing!

Click on this link to get most of the 2013 Presentation

Click on this link to get the 2012 Presentation

Once you click the link, just ignore everything on the page and push the big grey button that says "Download This File"



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