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1,500-Pound Granite Atheist Monument To Be At Bradford County Courthouse

johnleejohnlee123  (One Great Comment To Remember)Jun. 29, 2013 at 5:26pm
No problem. The “monument” is a perfect place to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ…and it should be preached, right from that spot, seven days a week. No graffiti, no anger, no disrespect…just the word of God from the Bible (with no “help” from the word of man, thank you) preached from that spot, and every other atheist monument they put up. Make their stone gods into pulpits for the Lord.

‘A Stick in the Eye to the Christian People of Florida’: Atheists Unveil Own Monument Near Ten Commandments — and Promise 50 More Across U.S.

STARKE, Fla. (TheBlaze/AP) — A group of atheists on Saturday unveiled a monument to their unbelief in God…and it sits alongside a granite slab that lists the Ten Commandments. American Atheists President David Silverman said that the organization has plans for 50 more monuments at public sites across the country, notes Raw Story. People gather around to sit and take photos during the unveil…

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So June 2013 Part 3

Published on Jun 26, 2013
The disasters are getting more incredible with each day lately. Floods, tornadoes, record snow, sinkholes and more has taking place the past week or so. For more of this series click the playlist below or subscribe to this channel for future uploads. Thanks for watching here and stay safe! Spectacular images of volcanoes

These Are A Part Of What Is To Come, Friends.

****NO DISINFORMATION *** This is the TRUTH by Max Igan (Low).flv

Hello my friends we are living in a carefully planned and researched false reality perpetrated by those seeking to have total control over this planet. Elite Globalists groups have been working to accrue all the wealth and resources. People are viewed as commodities to be owned, that is established with our birth certificates ( this law applies to all birth certificates everywhere). This documentary by Max Igan, an Australian broadcaster, philosopher and truth activist explains clearly the reality behind the mass deception. Our governments are organisations working for the elite to control and subjugate humanity. If you take a step back and observe the sadly becomes clear, however we are now going to be given our only chance ever to realise this and stop consenting en mass to this agenda. We the people can change this situation. The WILL of the people can choose self determination and responsibility and reject the insane psy…

Paul Cardall: 40 Hymns - Day 38 O My Father

This is an interesting quote in the SLC Temple Dedication in light of today's Supreme Court Ruling on Doma and Prop 8. I totally agree with the Churches official statement on it. Here is the link to that:

But here is the Quote form the SLC Temple Dedication:

Heavenly Father, when Thy people shall not have the opportunity of entering this holy house to offer their supplications unto Thee, and they are oppressed and in trouble, surrounded by difficulties or assailed by temptation and shall turn their faces towards this Thy holy house and ask Thee for deliverance, for help, for Thy power to be extended in their behalf, we beseech Thee, to look down from Thy holy habitation in mercy and tender compassion upon them, and listen to their cries. Or when the children of Thy people, in years to come, shall be separated, through any cause, from this place, and their hearts shall turn in remembrance of Thy promises to this hol…

Breaking Down the Court's Prop 8 and Doma Rulings | Supreme Court Same-S...

News Release —  26 June 2013
Church Responds to Supreme Court Marriage Rulings Salt Lake City — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement today regarding the decisions announced by the United States Supreme Court on cases involving marriage:
"By ruling that supporters of Proposition 8 lacked standing to bring this case to court, the Supreme Court has highlighted troubling questions about how our democratic and judicial system operates. Many Californians will wonder if there is something fundamentally wrong when their government will not defend or protect a popular vote that reflects the views of a majority of their citizens.

"In addition, the effect of the ruling is to raise further complex jurisdictional issues that will need to be resolved.

"Regardless of the court decision, the Church remains irrevocably committed to strengthening traditional marriage between a man and a woman, which for thousands of years has proven to be the bes…

Next Economic Collapse 2014


In a plan that will fulfill Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:16-17 exactly, New World Order political and spiritual leaders plan to deliberately destroy both our economy and civilization.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!
Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones! Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.

As we have shown on so many occasions, the Plan for the New World Order parallels Biblical prophecy so directly that one can only conclude this new order is the world's title for the Biblical "Tribulation". Today, we will discuss a critically important area in which Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled: Economic Reorganizati…

The Book of Mormon and Archaeology

Defending the Faith: The Book of Mormon was very carefully writtenBy , For the Deseret News Published: Thursday, June 20 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT Updated: June 20, 2013
The Book of Mormon contains numerous examples of Intertextuality and probably quite a few remain to be discovered. , LDS Church Daniel Peterson For the Deseret News Summary The Book of Mormon refers to itself and to biblical texts in often quite subtle ways, which is difficult to explain if one imagines that Joseph Smith simply made it up on the fly in the space of just slightly more than two months.

3MIN News June 20, 2013: Major Weather, Solar Wind Spike, "Mid-Watch Lul...

Volcanic Activity Increases Exponentially

I found an interesting article that was several weeks old, and it discussed the alarming increase in volcanic activity. The author, who is a volcanologist said that even only 5-6 years ago it was uncommon to have more than 2 or 3 volcanoes going off at the same time. However, he said that at the time of the article that there were over 60 volcanoes going off right now and that the scientific community is seeing many, many more coming to life all over the planet. He said there were more volcanoes erupting now than there were scientists to study them. The article gave a link to a web site that has a current world map showing where all the volcanoes were that are erupting (and current earthquake activity too) and when I took a look at it the number of active or soon to be active volcanoes was in the 70-80 range. The world is really starting to rumble.