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Posted by Jason on Jun 13, 2013 under Blog

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By Jason A. Kofoed

We have heard it said for quite some time now, but has it really set in and become real for you yet? I see it all around me...almost as if the scales have fallen from my eyes. No more ignorance. No more being deceived. No hiding from the truth, which makes me accountable for what I now know. I don't know if that makes sense to the reader, but it is very, very real to me.

Over the past several days especially, I have had many conversations with folks who, too, are finding this to be a reality for them as well. Whether they know someone experiencing extraordinary struggles or they themselves are going through them, their lives are changing. Whether it be a married couple quarreling over whether God really exists (much less cares) or folks awakening to the awful, awful state of our nation with the recent force-feeding of governmental scandals that have shattered their blissful, formerly care-free lives it is happening more frequently than I've ever seen. Stress is setting in and there will be many suffer and fall from that alone. What is one to do? Where do we really go from here? Is it too late to turn this ship around and make the right and necessary changes? It is too late if we rely upon ourselves alone.

In many of my posts previous I have mentioned that if Americans want to save America and what She stood for in the beginning, we must, as a nation, repent and turn to God. What do I mean by repent? What do Americans have a need to repent of/for? There are two types of sin: sins of commission and sins of omission, both of which we are ALL guilty of. Sins of commission are when we do something we know is wrong while sins of omission is when we fail to do something we know we should. Now, take a step back and ponder that for a minute; let it sink in really well.

Americans have become lazy and apathetic. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted to the point that we haven't even realized the depth and degree to which the Conspirators have risen above us in power, never to surrender it again until Christ Himself returns to assume His rightful place as our Ruler and our God. We allowed that. That is a sin of commission. We have failed to step up and do what it really takes to stop and regain control. That is a sin of omission. We have allowed God to be kicked out of public schools, public meetings, et al. Another sin committed. We have failed to successfully reverse that...even in our own communities. Another sin of omission. But I will now tell you of one sin that plagues us above all else and that is the sin of pornography. Folks, if there has been one sin committed that will destroy us like a fast-growing cancer it is pornography. It is in our schools, shopping malls, grocery stores,
billboards...everywhere! The worst is when it enters into our homes, for it will destroy our families before we even know what's hit us. The family is the most basic yet most important unit of society. You destroy the family, you destroy a nation. Pornography is one of the most effective tools Satan has at his command and it is very, very effective. We as a nation have allowed this cancer to take root and it is up to us to kill it.

We must clean up our lives and live according to the teachings found in the Bible. How many of us still strive to live ALL of the original Ten Commandments? Have any of them been revoked? No. Each and every one of them is still in full force along with all the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself when He dwelt upon this Earth. This must be taken with great care, diligence and determination. We must rise up and not allow ourselves to slacken in the least bit, for if we fail at this, we fail as a nation once and for all. If we have not the support and blessings of Almighty God, we have nothing.

I pray frequently for all good-hearted, morally-straight, God-fearing, Commandment-keeping people across this great nation to remain firm, faithful and humble so that we might be able to influence those around us to be the same and, in turn, be worthy of the blessings we need from Above. Please, do the same and pray for those good folks who struggle and need just a little bit of help to remain true.

Pray that our great nation will have a change of heart and turn back to God.


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