Published on Jul 3, 2013

Himalayan Tsunami Death Toll May Top 5,000

“At least 5,000 people must have been killed in the deluge that inflicted heavy damage on vast tracts of land especially in Kedarnath valley,” Disaster Management Minister Yashpal Arya told reporters on his return from an aerial survey of the disaster areas.
The official death toll had climbed to 680 as of June 22, and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has said that the death toll would likely be around 1,000, said a report.
Official forecasters have issued various warnings concerning adverse weather in the disaster area starting today, June 24, including heavy rain to last until June 30.
At least 19,000 are still stranded in three areas, while 83,000 others have been rescued, according to reports.
At least two major landslides and numerous mudslides have been reported in the disaster zone.
1,000 residents flee, as State of Emergency declared in Siksika Nations
Raging waters from the Bow River have devastated the Siksika Nation, forcing a least 1,000 people from homes.
State of Emergency declared in Houston County, Minnesota
Authorities have declared a  state of emergency in Houston County, Minnesota, due to losses and damage caused by a storm.
Large swathes of southeastern Minnesota have been hit hard from flash flooding over the weekend, but storm damage  across Houston county is said to be extensive,  a state of emergency declaration.
Deluge forces Manitoba community to declare state of emergency
“Environment Canada said radar indicated accumulations of 100 mm hovering above that area when the system hit,” said a report.
Winnipegosis declares a state of emergency due to flooding
The Village of Winnipegosis has declared a state of emergency, making it the third rain-soaked part of Manitoba to be dealing with overland flooding.
“A lot of the land here looked like [a] lake. The water, the ditches began to overflow, and consequently the water was rising up around homes,” said a local resident.
States of Emergency in Crawford and Grant Counties, Wisconsin
Crawford and Grant counties in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin have declared states of emergency due to water damage.
“Crawford County had flooding and multiple mudslides that closed several roads and forced evacuation of a number of homes. In Grant County, roadways were flooded along with an unspecified number of homes.”
Saskatchewan, Canada: Cumberland House declares state of emergency
Cumberland House declared a state of emergency, as authorizes started  evacuations of  the Village of Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation, a total of more than 2,200, as rising floodwater in Alberta threatened to move into the prairie province, said a report.
Town of Devon remains under a state of emergency,  2,200 people evacuated
The Devon Lions Campground and Voyageur Park have been evacuated. More than 2,000 people were forced to leave the campground.

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Drought 2013

See Also Drought and Deluge Index Page at EDRO

Drought Links 2013

Drought conditions in U.S. expand again amid relentless heat and aridity in southern Plains

“Moderate” to “Exceptional” drought levels (D1 – D4 on the Drought Monitor scale) in the contiguous United States grew to 44.06 percent, up from 43.84 percent a week ago, the US Drought Monitor reported.

US South: D0 to D4 Drought levels increased to 60.20 percent, from 55.68 a week ago.
us drought map 2jul13
US Drought Map as of July 2, 2013, released by US Drought Monitor on  July 3, 2013.

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