Henry Gruver's Vision of Russian/Chinese Nuclear Attack and Invasion on America

You can hear his talk on YouTube:

USA attacked/invaded. No warning, no sirens. The people were asleep. Russia is presently testing our response capabilities. Russian sub went undetected for weeks in golf of Mexico.
As a thief in the night.... Biden/Obama working with Russia to denuclearize. This fits into Joel Skousen's (Orem, Utah) analysis.

He saw Chinese invading along west coast...particularly on WA State. Russian subs off east coast. New York destroyed by nuke. Seattle and other cities in WA destroyed by nukes. Cities in California along coastline nuked. This man believes in apostles and prophets even in the Latter-days (but he's not LDS).


If a country sins against Me by committing unfaithfulness, and I stretch out My hand against it, destroy its supply of bread, send famine against it and cut off from it both man and beast, even though these three men, Noah, Daniel and Job were in its midst by their own righteousness they could only deliver themselves, declares the Lord God. Ezekiel 14:12-14

I have heard and read Henry's vision several times, and each time it seems different. This page compiles several times, not just one page or one hearing. I have included 2 audios of Henry I encourage you to listen to. DISREGARD the HOST! Henry Gruver has had visions of heaven and the end of America. He his vision of heaven, his death experience in 2 audios. Hour 1Henry's vision of Russia attack on USA east coast - and we were blind! Begins with a song and prayer New York City - So many have seen New York City destroyed Gruver saw a missile from Russian sub, and the entire city of New York disappears. FLORIDA - Explosions, Tampa and other cities - disappearing. WASHINGTON, Seattle - Explosion CALIFORNIA - Explosions up and down the coast - cities disappear Hour 2Amazing account of Henry spiritually transported to Rome with 6 others for a powerful Divine Encounter with demons. Account of his death, from which he returned after several hours in heaven. He confirms a new one world currency soon. Several countries have been discussing it. When the attack comes on America, GOD said to Henry -Watch what I will do You will say, I will go up against the land of un-walled  villages. I will go against those who are at rest, that live securely, all of them living without walls and having no bars or gates. Ezekiel 38:11 You will come up against a land of un-walled villages. This is the USA, said Gruver WAR, Gruver, July 2009 audio hour 1 - click here:HEAVEN, Gruver, July 2009 audio hour 2 - click here:SHORT Gruver old video, youtube: URGENT WARNING from Henry Gruver Sepember, 2012USA is a sitting duck for Pearl Harbor 2, worse by far than 1942. This time its nuclear. Henry Gruver old visions of Russia attacking USA with nukes appear about to be fulfilled. There are GHOST SHIPS off US east and west ships. Apparantly, Russian Akula nuclear subs are the ghost ships. The Akula is the most advanced sub and carries 20 nuclear missiles, and the US military CANNOT DETECT THEM. Akula means shark in Russian. An Akula sub was in the Gulf of Mexico off our coast undetected for  a month in summer 2012. Obama has brought Russian troops into the USA by invitation. Henry thinks Zechariah 12 is about to be fulfilled. Both Russia and Obama told Israel to give Jerusalem to Arabs, and give all their land taken since 1967. SUICIDE. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon may 'rise from dead. 'Henry Gruver waring, audio:Urgent warning from Gruver, my forum:


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