We Have Been Warned- A Testimony Of Randy Hall (LDS)

Randy Halls DVD "We Have Been Warned" On the Last Days Warnings
Randy Halls DVD

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Brother Randy Hall has pursued a serious study of the scriptures since his youth . He has dedicated his studies to the
topic of end time events for the past 22 years. This DVD takes you through a journey of the scriptures and history to show the events that have taken place and will take place preceding the Second Coming of our Savior. Using the scriptures and the Prophets, Randy has located the time frame for these events to occur. For the past fifteen years he has given lectures on this topic and has now put his studies on this rare DVD entitled “We Have Been Warned.”
“And it shall come to pass that he that feareth me shall be looking forth for the great day of the Lord to come, even for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man.” D&C 45:39

He says the classic definition of the seals, which is that each seal represents one thousand year time period up until the 7th seal. The 7th seal is different. It includes the millennium and the "little season"...so the reason the seals overlap is that there has to be 1,000 years in each seal.

Short Look Into The Video:

(Lamanites = Polynesians, Latinos, American Indians, Primarily)

 "A" is where the 7th seal starts, which is prior to the end of the 6th seal
"B" is where the 6th seal ends, which is after the opening of the 7th seal

The "End Times" period is that period from A to B

Midway through this time period there is an earthquake created by the Savior to bring the 'Day of the Lord' to a close. So that means that when the world economy collapses, there will also be a great earthquake. The highlight of this period will be the Savior's trip to the Mount of Olives. This will bring about the end of "worldliness" or in other words, the end of the telestial world.

All children born after 1975, if they live the lifespan of a man, will live to see the coming of the Lord in glory.

A rising generation is 175 years. When one generation of lamanites accepts the gospel, that is the sign we are in the end times. End times began April 6, 1995. (WONDERFUL NOTES Taken)by a member of ldsavow site. Randy Hall Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some notes from the fireside,  Take them and study them for yourselves. If anyone has any additions or clarifications from their own notes, please share. I hope he would approve of these notes being shared with like minded individuals such as yourselves. Please use them only for your own study. I am especially looking forward to studying the Conference talks he refers to. The 6th and 7th Seal overlap for the same amount of time that Satan is loosed at the end of the 1,000 Year Period.  It would also be very interesting to do a study about the increase of natural disasters and wars before and after the 7th Seal opened date.  Randy Hall Talk given Sept 13th, 2008 Draper, UT . We need to be Valiant in our Testimony of Jesus Temporal preparedness comes first. We make a sacrifice to become prepared, then we come to understand Isaiah better, then we begin to understand the Second Coming, our love for the Book of Mormon grows, we understand the Temple better, and treasure the words of the prophets more. If you are temporally prepared you can explain the Second Coming. But you can’t if you are not prepared. He said it works every time. Prophets who have seen the last days: 1 Nephi 12-24: John 2 Nephi 25: Isaiah 3 Nephi 16, 22-24: Savior Mormon 5, 8: Mormon Joel 2 Malachi 3-4 Daniel, Ezekiel Joseph Smith, Some Prophets are Classical: they repeat what other prophets have said, Some are Apocalyptic: 80% of what they talk about is about our day: John and Daniel talk about End Times Their common message is “Day of Judgment” or “End Time” or our day Joseph Smith didn’t understand Revelation, so he asked of the Lord D&C 77: key to understanding Revelation We need to have the Doctrine and Covenants Commentary by Sjodahl and Smith to help us understand D&C 45 esp. (This is out of print, check internet. It gives deeper doctrine than newer commentaries) He talked about the 7 Seals. The 7th Seal is the Millennium (1000 years) + plus a little season that Satan will be loosed. That little season is 21 years, so the 7th Seal is really longer that 1000 years, so the 6th and 7th Seal overlap for 21 years. “End Time” is when the wicked are swept from the earth. The highlight of that End Time is the Earthquake when the Lord returns to the Mount of Olives. April 1966 Conference: Joseph Fielding Smith address talks about it. D&C section 45 Dec. 1975 Ensign Kimball: Conversion of the Lamanites, 1975 is a special year (he stated that this was doctrinally correct) When the "Day of the Gentiles" ended. When baptisms of the Lamanites was more that the Gentiles. From 1830 to 1975: 350,000 Lamanite converts From 1975 to 1995: 3 Million Lamanite converts! Three definitions of “Generation”: 1: Lifespan of a man: 75 to 100 years Luke 21: "Generation" Children born after 1975 if they live to be 75 to 100 years old they will live to see the Savior return, 2: April 1843 Conference: "rising generation" will not taste of death til the Savior comes. Rising Generation is the length of a lifespan plus the lifespan of his much younger brother: about 175 years or 2018 (very approximate date when Christ comes) ***Most stressed scripture*** Third Nephi 21:2-7 STUDY go back and reread 3 Nephi 16-21 he said this contains a sign and key, that he handed us a million dollars on a silver platter with this reference *** 3: One Generation of Lamanites will accept the gospel then we enter “End Times” this last “generation” is circular, meaning the birth of a man to the birth of his first son, historically 20 years 1975 plus 20 years is 1995: April 1995 Conference: Elder Packer "Perilous Times": stopped in the middle to talk about this Pres Hinckley "End Times": stopped in the middle to talk about this We entered END TIMES in 1995 1 Thessalonians 5: Shield of Faith He lined up the prophets like dominoes in order of what they saw: John: saw war in heaven, "beast" Daniel: time of the end like a whirlwind, "King of the North" Isaiah: saw wicked man: "King of Assyria" against Egypt (all the same man) Egypt’s economy fails Civil Strife Egypt loses war with Assyria Assyria invades Egypt in fall when Gentiles reject the gospel Oct. 1958 Conference: Wirthlin. Egypt includes its allies Mormon: like a lion through a flock of sheep Joel 2: Zion is America Malachi: Day will come Joseph Smith History 1:36-37 for they that come will do burning Ezekiel 38-39: Gog from Magog against Israel, military leader: RUSSIA and allies D&C 101: Mountains of Israel = United States and its allies. “Day of the Lord” (End Times) and “Second Coming” are different times Leviticus 26: Temple agreement, if they keep the Sabbath day holy they will be protected. If they do Not keep Sabbath day: 1977, Than President Spencer W. Kimball address Keep commandments Day of the Lord will return Land Made desolate, death by sword, deportation. *** 2 Nephi 12-24: Isaiah spells out last days: study: He gave a quick review of these chapters Chapter 12: people come to SLC to do temple work; idolatry, cars, money 13:America as Sodom, no respect for elders, women more concerned about appearance, men die in war 14: 7 women to one man. Isaiah 4:3 footnote: approval of Jesus Christ to survive 15: turn to Savior for help 16: one tenth remain 17: Isaiah 7 footnote: king of Assyria shave land v. 20, 21 footnotes: only a few remain with subtanance 18: 19: burning, footnotes 20: Tithing, pay it. Assyria an axe in God’s hand, my anger will end in their destruction 2 Nephi 10: promise that US will be defended only IF they are obedient Ezekial 9:6: fire on land of Magog and Isle of the sea: war between Russia and US Ezekial 38: Allies of Russia EVENTS of "END TIMES" (the 20 year overlap of 6th and 7th Seal) 1st woe: 5 month war: (GULF war perhaps?) 2nd woe: 42 Month war: 1/3 die, we will know when this war is happening: 13 month war is a part of this 42 month war, not separate Earthquake of Savior 3rd Woe: Plagues, “Suffer of Great God” (animals eat dead), Sign of Coming “Stand Ye in holy places” means that Saints are called to live in Mountains (also see D&C old commentary, 45th section) Who the Anti Christ is: (said this might disappoint some people) Reign of Anti Christ began with the reign of the first pope. Told in scripture that he will reign 1222 years: Gregory in 607 AD plus 1222 years= 1830 (until Joseph Smith restored the Church.) Civil war and all other wars are an effort of Antichrist to control the earth Isaiah 28 (his favorite) gospel given as meat to eat, but we are like baby birds eating parent bird’s vomit. Isaiah 56:10 The problem is our low level of leaders: guard dogs that can’t bark End chat: Story of the Stake President: Randy was in a meeting with Stake President, an old man lived a provident life, and a few young men. Old man was counseling the young to gain food storage. SP said this old man was a (dooms dayer) Randy said temporal preparedness is as important as spiritual prep. Matt 24:36 misquoted by SP. Randy asked pointed questions about how much the SP knew about the Last Days, End Times, Day of the Lord etc. SP was confounded. Randy ended up giving the SP a mini fireside right there after the meeting in the parking lot. 6 months later the SP came back to Randy and thanked him for helping him understand the scriptures better, understanding the need for temporal preparedness. The SP now warns everyone to prepare, no one will listen. Said he now knows what Noah felt like. When you eat Thanksgiving dinner this year you will know where we are headed as a nation. He believed another 9/11 is going to happen and will probably be the beginning of the 42 month war.


King Kame O'ahu said…
Comment By Steven R. Smith (Utah)

Sign of the Son of Man -- City of Enoch


I found this on pages 339-340 in a book named "Doctrinal Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price" by Hyrum Andrus.

The disciples inquired of Jesus as they came to Him upon the Mount of Olives: "Tell us . . . what is the sign of thy coming, and the end of the world, or the destruction of the wicked, which is the end of the world?" Of that final great sign, Jesus said: "As the light of the morning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, and covereth the whole earth, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be." In other words, the Sign of the Son of Man is a brilliant light like the morning that comes out of the east and covers the whole earth. As Joseph Smith spoke of the coming of Christ in glory, he referred to the preliminary events that must occur and said: then will appear one grand sign of the Son of Man in heaven. But what will the world do? They will say it is a planet, a comet, etc. But the Son of Man will come as the sign of the coming of the Son of Man, which will be as the light of the morning cometh out of the east.

When seen in light of the promise of the Lord to Enoch that he and his city would return with Christ when He comes in glory, the Prophet's statement that the Sign of the Son of Man will be thought at first by uninformed men to be "a planet, comet, etc.," is most interesting. Some years after the death of the Prophet, Wandle Mace reported that he had heard Joseph Smith "speak of the sign of the coming of the Son of Man, which all should see." According to Elder Mace, the Prophet said: "It was the return of the City of Enoch to the earth." When He appears in glory, Christ will not be alone; He will be attended by the righteous hosts of past ages. Among these will be Enoch and his city. It seems, therefore, that the initial manifestation of Christ's glory and that of the attending hosts in the heavens, which will include Enoch and his people, will constitute the Sign of the Son of Man.

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