Dreams & Visions - America's Nuclear Holocaust - A Warning

Published on Jul 31, 2013
Visions and Dreams - America's Future Nuclear Holocaust - A Warning

This Earth is God's marvelous creation. But the world of men is an evil and dangerous place. After so many failed military, financial, and hegemonic interventions among the nations of the world, followed by an array of economic, environmental, and social disasters at home, the USA will lick her wounds in veritable isolationism. Yet, America's vast arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons will become her final undoing.

According to the Bible, as Gog and Magog come down into the Middle East toward Israel, a far away alliance will merely inquire about that approaching event. "Have you assembled your company to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to capture great spoil? " - Ezekiel 38:13.

Then, on a coming fateful day, before that geopolitical alliance can respond, or even wants to respond militarily, something catastrophic will happen. God says that He will respond: "And I will send fire upon Magog and those who inhabit the coastlands in safety; and they will know that I am the Lord" - Ezekiel 39:6. Who are "those who inhabit the (faraway) coastlands in 'safety'?'"

David Wilkerson, author of "The Vision," wrote another book, "Set the Trumpet to Your Mouth," in 1985. He said, "America's cup of iniquity is full; the bear is prepared and set to act--it is only a matter of time. From over the North Pole, the deadly missiles will come. Fear and some kind of supernatural impulse will cause the enemy to make the first strike" - page 22. "America's huge stockpile of weapons are but so many sticks and stones... there will be no retaliatory strike from this nation or its allies; because of the suddenness and finality of it all, we will forebear to fight, and our missiles will remain in their hold" - pages 24-25. "The unthinkable is going to happen to America and parts of Canada, and few will believe it" - pages 34-35. "The rest of the world will see this awesome nuclear holocaust and will remain unrepentant" - page 44. "What a wonder from the heaven, as from the earth huge mushroom-type pillars of smoke rise" - page 18. "(The Russians) themselves will be terrorized by the destruction and havoc they unleashed upon the world" - page 22. Yet, "Russia will invade Israel because the American Eagle is no longer there to defend her" - page 27. Nevertheless, "God Himself will deal with Russia with supernatural destruction beyond all description" - page 26.

A certain man in a mid-western city, had this graphic dream, twice. Coming to the front door of his house, he saw a missile-like object speeding southward. Then he saw a tremendous flash of light and a cloud of destruction heading his way. With much fear he was caught-up in this rushing tide of ruin, but as he was lifted up, he felt an unspeakable joy arise within himself; he was being raptured heavenward.

Another man wrote in "God's Game Plan," of his dream inspired by that first atomic bomb explosion on the Island of Japan in the Pacific. "In the dream I was watching the monstrous explosion... What I saw was the instantaneous bursting out in all directions of the titanic tidal wave of expanding heat and destruction. In my dream, I was being pushed barely ahead of the rushing devastation! Speeding along backwards just ahead of the rushing wave, I was watching the immediate despair... as the rocket-fast, fire-and-brimstone wave incinerated all... The tidal wave went on and on, seemingly forever. It was a literal lake of fire." Why will this happen? "Our Lord has no delight in using His lake of fire... and brimstone in His final battle... (Yet) He has already placed in His word that He is going to... because His enemy will never stop his aggression against God and His people..." -pages 47-50. And in mercy God is going to shorten the final days of Planet Earth for His people's sake according to Mark 13:20.

After which, all will stand like sheep and goats before the Lord's Great White Throne to be judged according to their works. Until then, take Jesus' words to heart that "We must work for God while it is day, for the night is coming, when no man can work" - John 9:4.


I've Added This Powerful Link To A Very Timely Book Of Dreams And Visions.

Dreams & Visions, Vol. 2

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Dreams, Visions and Testimonies.
Author: Christopher Parrett
Publication Date: Sept 2008, 2nd Edition, 1st printing
Format: 8.5 x 11, Perfect Bound, 423 Pages
Photos / Illustrations: 1
Dreams, Visions and Testimonies of the Last Days, Volume II.
A compilation of recent dreams and visions of the events of the last days, particularly the gathering of the Saints to Cities of Light and Places of Refuge.


WE HAVE BEEN TOLD REPEATEDLY by Prophets and Apostles for over 100 years to prepare for sudden and often unexpected calamities that will happen many years before the actual return of the Savior. They have warned us about an approaching and sudden famine in America that will last at least a full year, accompanied by a sudden dissolution of society and government, as we currently know it.

In the scriptures, three wars are described during the last days (the 3 great Woes):
a strange small 5 month war, a devastating 13 month world war, (which is particularly severe in America and the other Gentile nations) and the final 3 ½ year Armageddon war in Israel that precede the actual 2nd Coming of the Savior.

Is it actually possible to know MORE about what may be coming in the near future?
Perhaps together we can add a few more details about some of the surrounding events that lead up to this prophesied time of chaos and darkness. Such knowledge would certainly help us to better prepare for what is coming, and perhaps even give us some real insight into the very nature of what is coming.

President Hinckley, in 2001 General Conference, quoted Joel’s prophecy saying it had been fulfilled: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.”
In this book, LDS author Christopher M. Parrett (The LDS Preparedness Manual) presses forward with the ground breaking work laid down by Roger K. Young in his original book (Dreams & Visions) by assembling even more of the dreams and visions the Saints are currently having, and have had over the last several years, that continue to confirm the words of the Prophets and Apostles. Children, teenagers, mothers and fathers are experiencing the prophesied gifts of Joel on a daily basis. Most concern themselves with what events are coming in the very near future and have already started to unfold. We invite you to review what many of your friends, neighbors and fellow Saints are seeing as possible fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy to compare them with what Prophets and Apostles have already described, and see if there is anything of importance for you and your family.
Table of Contents

Team Acknowledgment
Giving Thanks
Mission Statement
Reflecting on the Purpose of this Web Site
Dreams & Visions: Tent Cities
A Sense of Fear and Panic ?
Teaching Preparedness: ADVICE FROM THE BRETHREN
Speculation and Timelines
Controversy Surrounding this Site
WARNING: The Stewardship of Dreams and Visions.


Chapter 1: General Warnings
1.1 Vision of President George Albert Smith
1.2 I Won’t Wait for You to Prepare
1.3 Patriarch Wolfgramm’s Dream of the Cleansing of America
1.4 Hurricane Katrina Dream
1.5 I Have Prepared—I Won’t Have to Participate in the Frenzy
1.6 Dream of a Door in a Hill—Miracles in Preparing
1.7 Dream of Nonna’s Warning to Prepare
1.8 Rusty Railroad
1.9 Vision of Las Vegas Burning
1.10 Hook Up the Trailer
1.11 Water Supply
1.12 Warnings to Prepare, Pets, Older People; Stand in Holy Places
1.13 Three Daughters - Same Dream
1.14 Warning Dreams - Disasters
1.15 Two Children’s Dreams
1.16 I’m Not Trying Hard Enough
1.17 Eight Year Old’s Dream of Helping People Go to Idaho
1.18 Interstate 15 at Inkom
1.19 A Bad Winter Storm is Coming
1.20 I Have Finally Awakened
1.21 Granddaughter’s Dream of Flooding in St. George
1.22 Family Dreams: Invasion, Drought & Going to Mountains
1.23 DBS Dream (Darling Bonus Son, My Stepson)
1.24 Last Days are Close
1.25 Messages from a Departed Loved One
1.26 My Father's Dream
1.27 A Sunday in January
1.28 We Must Leave Now
1.29 9/11 Dream of Leaving and a “Dragon”
1.30 High Heels
1.31 Tornado Dream
1.32 2 Dreams
1.33 A Dream of Those Who Were Not Spiritually Prepared
1.34 Earthquake Dream
1.35 'I Have No Idea What It Means'
1.36 Boy of 11 Dreams of Fleeing to the Mountains
1.37 People Coming from the West Coast
1.38 Newman Bulkley Vision
1.39 Farnsworth’s Vision
1.40 Commentary on Stephen Farnsworth’s Vision

2.1 Dream of the Invasion
2.2 Dream of Invasion
2.3 Two Dreams of Invasion
2.4 Chinese Invasion
2.5 Vision of Fleeing to Utah
2.6 Oceanside California to Idaho
2.7 Nuke, Hill AFB
2.8 A Dream and Two Warnings; Nuke Near SLC
2.9 Evil Gangs Dreams
2.10 Martial Law
2.11 Yellow War
2.12 Dreams of Bio War
2.13 Dream of Wars Coming More Frequently
2.14 Setting at Defiance Dream
2.15 Combat Converts
2.16 Be Ready to Flee
2.17 Dream of Grandchildren
2.18 Possible West Coast Scenario
2.19 Dream of Firefight on Mountain Trail
2.20 My Dreams About War and the Second Coming
2.21 One of My Dreams of Nuclear War

3.1 Vision of Destroying Angels
3.2 From the Mouth of Babes!
3.3 Vision of Financial Devastation
3.4 Dream from the Islands
3.5 Jar of Yellow Fever
3.6 Cold, Cold Winter
3.7 Prepare for the Epidemics
3.8 A Very Vivid Dream
3.9 Tsunami---LA? Oakland?
3.10 Wasatch Front Earthquake Dream
3.11 Dream of Plague in Dragon Form
3.12 Dream of Tornados and Waterspouts in SLC

4.1 Real Tent City, Church Organized
4.2 Dream of President Hinckley Calling Us to Gather
4.3 Called in Sacrament Meeting to Gather
4.4 Rexburg Tent City Dream
4.5 Tent City Dream
4.6 An Early Morning Meeting
4.7 Dreams of Gathering to a Refuge
4.8 Dream Shared
4.9 My Son’s Tent City Dream
4.10 My Son Dreamt of the Call Out
4.11 Boiling Clothes in Tent City
4.12 Four Dreams
4.13 Tent City in Florida
4.14 Tent City Dream
4.15 Tent City
4.16 Dream of Tent City
4.17 Pets in Tent Cities
4.18 Daughter's Dream of Tent City
4.19 Stake President Called a Meeting
4.20 Dream of Call Out
4.21 Dream of Cannery Being Lifted Up

5.1 Priesthood Holders Protect Tent Cities & Whole Armor of God
5.2 Tent City Dream - Law of Consecration
5.3 Dream of Latter-Day Warriors
5.4 Two Uniforms
5.5 Angels Guarding Mountain Pass
5.6 Dreams of Chinese
5.7 Dream of Tent Temple
5.8 Wonderful Vision of the Handcart Reenactments
5.9 Vision of Woman in Tent Temple

6.1 Vernal Dream
6.2 Protection by Possessing Charity Dream
6.3 My Daughter’s Dream
6.4 Trials Ahead are Worth Enduring, Millennial Dream
6.5 Those Who Fight Against the Lamb of God
6.6 Don’t Trust Anyone
6.7 Cooking in Concentration Camp
6.8 A Recent Dream
6.9 Dream of a Parachute Invasion
6.10 Warnings Not to be Among Those that Stay
6.11 Squatters
6.12 Dream of Foreign Police: Those Who Don’t Go

7.1 Confirmation from the Lord
7.2 Seoul Korea Temple Promise
7.3 Revelation I Received During Our Youth Trek
7.4 Answer to a Prayer
7.5 Being Prepared
7.6 My Added Testimony of Gathering
7.7 Confirmation about Refuge near Duchesne
7.8 The Time for Preparing is Past
7.9 NO Drinkable Water
7.10 Preparing for My Children
7.11 My Small Contribution
7.12 Jumping through the Door
7.13 On My Knees
7.14 Making Room for Influx of Refugees
7.15 Get it Ready Quickly
7.16 The Vision of My Grandson
7.17 Because My Mother Told Me So!

Summary Dream #1
Summary Dream #2
Questions and Answers on this Dream
Summary Dream #3


A.1 Afraid of Camping, But Knows She Will Do It
A.2 Willie & Martin Handcart Companies – A Type?
A.3 Lessons From War
A.4 We’ll Contribute What Skills and Knowledge We Have
A.5 Preparing for 20 – Mine and Others
A.6 Seriously Committed
A.7 Like Minded People
A.8 Obedience is Key
A.9 Writing Books and Timelines Helped Shape His Preparations
A.10 Moved by The Spirit
A.11 Preparing Those Around Me
A.12 The Law of the Last Moment
A.13 All is Not Well In Zion
A.14 Everything Seems to Agree
A.15 Faith to Restart After a Terrible Time
A.16 Prepare and Be Mobile
A.17 Better a Year Early Than Five Minutes Late
A.18 Call Out is First Stage
A.19 Stop Worrying, This Is Not My War
A.20 Knows Midwives will be Needed
A.21 Snowflake Inspiration
A.22 Spiritual Confirmation of Preparedness
A.23 Won’t Ever Say, “We Have No Food Because I Didn’t Follow The Prophet”
A.24 We’ll be Going to Tent Cities Soon
A.25 Preserving Our Freedoms
A.26 Several Problems Solved
A.27 Strong Feelings of the Second Coming Being Near
A.28 We Are Ripe
A.29 Ready In Every Way
A.30 Leaders Moving Quietly to Prepare
A.31 I Choose Life
A.32 My Dreams Have Kept Me Preparing
A.33 Father said, “Stand In Holy Places”
A.34 Society’s Rapid Breakdown
A.35 Pay Attention to The Spirit
A.36 Premonition He Will Lead to Zion
A.37 Scoffers & Mockers
A.38 10 Stages of Civilization
A.39 Liquidated ½ of Their Retirement to Prepare
A.40 Member of Minuteman Missile Crew
A.41 Preparing Every Needful Thing

B.1 Most Important Preparedness is Spiritual
B.2 Faith Will Be The Key
B.3 Spirit Whispers, “Stand Ye In Holy Places”
B.4 We Know the Constitution
B.5 Spiritual Preparedness with Increasing Joy
B.6 Led to San Pete Valley
B.7 Learning by The Spirit
B.8 Calling Out of the Saints has Already Begun
B.9 Became More Concerned About Relationship with Savior
B.10 Brother Awaits “Rapture”

C.1 Dream of a Tent City Mission Call
C.2 I Will Not be Caught Without Oil
C.3 Impossible to Secure Home Against Looters
C.4 The Bombs Bounced
C.5 The Lord has Always Warned His Faithful People
C.6 A Constitutionalist and a Freeman
C.7 Call Out, Test of Our Obedience
C.8 Tent Cities Will Include Zion-Type Living
C.9 Blessed with Gift of Discernment
C.10 Temple Worker Gives Her a Message
C.11 The Lord’s Pattern of Gathering His Flock
C.12 The Call
C.13 Sifting Within the Church
C.14 Music in Places of Refuge
C.15 Preparing for Many Years – Even Before Baptism
C.16 The Greatest Work We Can Be Doing
C.17 Talks Strengthen Testimony of Call Out
C.18 Looks Forward to Attending Tent Temple
C.19 Doing All He Can to be a Help in Places of Refuge
C.19 Miracles Happen
C.20 Feeling Blessed
C.21 Tent Cities Cause Complete Peace
C.22 Feels Home Will Be a Refuge
C.23 We Want to be Among the First to Arrive

D.1 Book of Mormon Written for Our Day
D.2 Follow the Prophet
D.3 List of Calamities & Preparations
D.4 The Lord’s Exodus Patterns
D.5 He’s Fostering a “Nephi Attitude”
D.6 Tent Cities – The Missing Piece
D.7 Every Needful Thing
D.8 Preparing to Help Others
D.9 Joel’s Prophecy Fulfilled
D.10 Motivated by Scripture Story
D.11 Ready to Shelter in Place, or Evacuate
D.12 Gathering Will be Done In Order, and by Authority
D.13 Ready or Not, I’ll Go
D.14 If Obedient, No Need to Fear
D.15 The Call Out Pattern in the Scriptures

E.1 Dragged Feet on Asking, Now Knows
E.2 Prayed for Guidance to be Able to Get Food Storage
E.3 When the Time Comes, The Spirit Will Speak Clearly
E.4 Going to Build the New Jerusalem
E.5 Bishop Lifts Warning Voice to Prepare
E.6 Many LDS Indifferent to Preparedness
E.7 Widow and Family Prepare
E.8 Knowledge Comes to Those Who Seek It
E.9 I Have a Perfect Testimony of the Call Out
E.10 Check Your Standing With Heavenly Father
E.11 Witness from the Lord is All They Need
E.12 Call Out Not Controversial to Me
E.13 Knelt and Prayed About the Truth of These Things
E.14 She Will Go and Do What the Lord Commands

F.1 Dreamed of Tent Cities as a Child
F.2 I’m Not Afraid
F.3 It Will be Easier to Walk Away
F.4 Blessed With Visions
F.5 Temple Promises
F.6 Dreams of Wars and Devastation Before the Second Coming
F.7 Her Son Sees Angels of Destruction
F.8 Searches for Other’s Family Members
F.9 No Cemetery Plot Needed
F.10 Preparing As a Family
F.11 Lulled to Sleep
F.12 Received a Vision
F.13 Dreams of Bombs Falling
F.14 Dreams of 50% Unemployment
F.15 Sees Visions of Tent Cities and Calamities
F.16 Daughter and Friends Have Dreams
F.17 She and Her Son Dream
F.18 Will be Caring for In-Laws Children
F.19 Call Out Just Makes Sense to Him

BOOK FOUR: My Personal Testimony of Jesus Christ…..


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