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Detailed list of scriptures that explain events prior to second coming

Thank you for the many discussions on the timing of the second coming BUT there are many events that need to happen before that great day. There are however, MANY MANY trials and tribulations that must take place to fulfill prophecy BEFORE the second coming. Some of the threads mention only one of them, which is the 2.5 years of the prophets in Jerusalem. In order for us all NOT to be deceived as Matthew 24 says, I have attached an outline that is based on SCRIPTURE and it shows the specific events that MUST happen before the second coming with the scripture references. I have spent thousands of hours compiling the list but wanted to share this to help you all understand the SCRIPTURES about the second coming. It takes about 3 hours to go through the list to a group but will take anyone many hours to read all the references and understand them. If you have a deep interest start your prayer and study with the outline.
God bless us all to prepare for the times ahead
Dale Richards
By: Dale S. Richards

1. Purposes of Learning About 2nd Coming:

1. Strengthen knowledge and renewed interest in the scriptures.
2. Provide approximate timetable and list of specific events.
3. Instill a desire to prepare physically and spiritually for trials ahead.
4. Warn about consequences of evil-recommit to repent and follow Christ.
5. Learn and understand signs - prevent deception by false prophets and miracles.

"Therefore be ye also ready: For in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh" (Matthew 24:44)

"... he that feareth me shall be looking forth for the great day of the Lord to come, even for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man." (D & C 45:39 TPJS 160:14-17; Underline Added)

II. Background for In-Depth Scripture Analysis:

A. Why Learn Signs If "but of that day, and hour, no one knoweth." (Matt 24:36) (J.S. 1:40)?
1. Great miracles to deceive the elect (Matt 24:23-27, J.S. 1:22-26)
2. Clear up errors and myths
a. Days shortened for who? (Matt 24:21-22 vs JS 1:18-21) The Jews
b. Who thinks the Lord delayeth his coming? (D&C 45:26) The Wicked
c. When will the Lord come?
d. Saints should know signs and NOT be deceived
e. Who will be surprised "like a thief in the night?" (I Thess 5:2-6)
"Let us watch and be sober"
f. Why use early Church leaders' statements with caution?
1. "Yellow dog to wag its tail" Heber C. Kimball 1931
2. "Saints within sound of my voice to Jackson" Lorenzo Snow 1900
3. "Constitution hang by thread" Brigham Young vs Orson Hyde 1854
4. "Salt Lake one of wickedest cities in world"
5. All prophecies in scriptures must be fulfilled but we, can delay or prevent them from affecting us by the way we live.(D&C 97:24-26).
3. We are promised knowledge and understanding if we pay the price.
(D&C 89:19; D&C 68:11; D&C 42:61, 65; Daniel 12:8-10)
4. Follow the living prophet (Amos 3:7)
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."

B. Background on Sources:

1. Standard Works: 1,365,000 Words (O.T. 695,000, Rest 670,000 words).
a. More prophecies on 2nd coming than any other subject.
b. Commanded to study: (3 Nephi 23:1; D&C 26:1; 2 Tim 3:15-17)
c. Accountable for Contents: (TPJS 291, D&C 131:6)
2. Next use the Prophet Joseph Smith: (Saw the Bible, Had over 40 angel instructors)

C. Why so much Symbolism?

1. Method to reveal mysteries (Matt 13:10-11, 34-35; D&C 63:23)
2. Key to understanding- (Moroni 10:5) - Holy Ghost
3. If symbol not defined in scripture - not accountable for meaning (TPJS 291)

How Long will the Earth's Temporal existance last?

D. Earth's Timetable:
1. Science vs Scripture - Scriptures correct
a. Earth's temporal existence will be 7,000 years (Rev 5:1; D&C 77:6-7)
b. Adam temporal life begins at 4000 B.C. (Bible Chronology pg 663)
c. Millennium 1000 years (D&C 29:11,22)
d. 2nd coming at: 4000 B.C.-6000=2000A.D.! Wrong!
1. Lord "delayeth" (D&C 45:26; Revelation 8, 9, 11)
2. Is calendar correct? Yes: (D&C 20:1, I Ne 1:4; III Ne 1: 1)
3 . Conflict of millennium and 2nd coming. (Savior reign vs. 2nd coming)

III. Study of Signs Prior to the 7th Seal:

A. Ask - Who is Lord talking about in scripture?
1. 3 options- (1) Jews, (2) Saints, or (3) The wicked or world in genera1.

B. The Book of Revelation is key to sign timetable
1. Bruce R. McConkie - Guide to understand revelation (Ensign Sept. 1975 pg 85)
2. Joseph Smith - "Plainest books God caused to be written" (TPJS 290:30-31)
3. Many saw John's vision: Isaiah, Lehi, Nephi (I NE 13, 14) Paul, Joseph Smith, etc.

C. Book of Revelation Background
1. John could not be killed - banished to Isle of Patmos
2. Writes to seven churches of Asia.
3. Sees vision of Christ (compare Rev 1:12-16 with D&C 110:2-3)
4. Sees God the Father in throne area (Rev 4:1-11; use D&C 77:1-5 to explain).
5. Book with seven seals (Rev 5:1 and D&C 77:6-7)
6. Christ, lamb, and lion? (Rev 5:5-6) (To the righteous or the wicked)

D. Tunnel of Time (4000 B.C. to 1000 A.D.)

1. Each seal 1000 years (Rev. 6:1-11) (2 verses each 4000 BC- 0 AD; 3 verses for 0-1000 AD)

E. 1000 to the 7th Seal (NOW!) Nothing Mentioned Has Happened Yet!

1. First great earthquake: (Rev 6:12-17) (One of five before 2nd coming)
a. Why would Lord have earthquakes
b. All mountains and islands move.
c. Sun darkened, moon to blood, stars fall - first of two times.
FirstMoon, blood) Acts 2:19-20; D & C 29-14;34-19; 45:42; 88:87; Joel 2:31; TPJS 160.
Second: (Moon darkened) At Christ's 2nd coming
Ezek 32:7; Joel 2:10; 3:15; Matt 24-29; II Ne 23:9-13; Moses 7:61; D & C 133:49, 69

E. 1000 to the 7th Seal (NOW!) Nothing Mentioned Has Happened Yet! (Continued)

d. Possible outcomes of quake - prepare now.
1. No utilities for 1 to 2 years (store fuel, food, clothing)
2. No crops for 2 years (dust cover earth with temperatures 0 to -40*F)
3. Industrial processes back to basics (no synthetics, processed goods).
4. Majority of righteous preserved if prepared (New Era March 1982 pg. 46).
5. Wipe out many of wicked - humble the inhabitants of the Earth.
2. Four angels ready to save or destroy life (Rev 7:1 with D&C 77: (TPJS 321).
3. Elias to gather 10 tribes (Rev 7:2 with D&C 77:9-10)(TPJS 321, 335-33. (Preparatory to gospel being preached to all nations.)
4. Elijah to seal 144,000 high priests (Rev. 7:3-4-8 with D&C 77:11).
(TPJS 321; 366-367; D&C 133:18; Rev. 14:1-5).
5. "After this" - saints serve in temple 24 hours/day (Rev. 7:9-17).
6. General signs happening at this time:
a. Wars, commotion, lust of men, quakes, desolations (D&C 45:27, 33) (JS 1:2
b. Elect gathered (JS 1:31-32; D&C 29:7-.
c. When see signs know Lord is in control (D&C 45:34-3
d. Lord pleads for repentance (D&C 43:20-24-25)
e. Joseph Smith laments at saints lack of knowledge and action
(TPJS 217, 297, 331).
7. Table 1: General and specific signs underway prior to the 7th Seal A. D.
Combination of Sources:
1) Bruce R. McConkie (51)
2) Welfare Services 1976 report, and
3) Dale Richards.
No claim to be exact or complete but for general reference

Table 1: Signs of the 2nd Coming Underway Prior to the 7th Seal

I. General Events: (All have or will start by 7th Seal)

1. Earth is commotion.
3. Earthquakes in diverse places.
4. False Christs, false prophets, and false churches.
5. Famines.
6. Iniquity and wickedness abound.
7. Plagues, pestilence, sickness, disease.
8. Secret combinations.
9. Veil of darkness cover the Earth.
10. War and rumors of war.
11. Terrible weather: Hail, Tempests, Floods, etc.
12. Weeping and Wailing of people because of disasters (not to repentence).
13. Gathering (5 types total - 2 started)
a. Jews to Jerusalem. (Started in 1940's)
b. Saints to Zion. (2): 1) 1830-1844 to Jackson County, 2) New Jerusalem
c. Lost 10 tribes to America.
d. Wicked to central areas for destruction.
14. Scientific and inventive process to increase.
15. Spirit of genealogical and temple work to increase.
16. Lamanites to blossom as a rose (D&C 49:24)

II. Specific Events

* 1. Great apostacy (Amos 8:11-13) (400 AD-1820 AD)
* 2. Coming forth of Book of Mormon (11 Ne 29) (1820's)
* 3. Gospel restored - heavens opened (D&C 13, 27, 110, 12 (1830's)
* 4. Elijah the prophet to return (Mal 4:5-6) (4/3/1836, Kirkland Temple)
* 5. Lord appears suddenly in temple (Mal 3:1; D&C 36:8; 110:1-8 (4/3/1836 Kirkland)
6. Earthquake #1 (Rev. 6:12-17) (Sixth Seal)
7. First sun darkened, moon to blood, stars fall (Rev. 6:12-13) (with Quake #1)
8. Powers of heaven shaken (Rev. 6:13) (with Quake #1)
9. Angels appear to save and destroy.(Rev 7:1-3)
10. Sealing of 144,000 high priest (12,000/tribe) (Rev 7:1-

III. Possible Specific Events
1. Meeting at Adam-Ondi-Ahman (D&C 78:15-16; 107:53-57; 116:1; Dan 7:9-14, 21-27)
2. Adam and all prophets turn keys of dispensations to Christ (Dan 7:9-10, 13, 22)
3. Jerusalem to be rebuilt (Isaiah 52:9-10)
4. Destruction of "Abomination that maketh desolate" (Dome of Rock) (Dan 8:1-27; 12:11-12)
5. Desolation of abomination (D&C 84:114-120; 88:85-91; 45:18-42)
6. Gospel preached to all nations (Rev 7:1-2 with D&C 77:
7. Establishment of New Jerusalem (D&C 45:64-75)
8. Ten tribes return (Isaiah 35:8-10; 51:10-11; D&C 110:11; 133:26)
9. Times of gentiles to be fulfilled (D&C 90:8-10)

IV. Study of Events AFTER the the 7th Seal (See Table 2.)

Almost all the rest of revelation devoted to events after the 7th Seal The chapters skip and jump back and forth in time. Really only defined up through Chapter 11:19. Others have some, known specifics but most not fully defined (example: Chap. 13: seven headed beast).

A. Continued Review of Revelation Road Map
(Primarily to Jews and Wicked) (Saints at New Jerusalem)
1. 7th seal opened. and silence for 1/2 hour (20:83 years) (Rev 8: 1).(D&C 88:95)
a. Listed first but happens almost last.
2. Introduction of 7 angels (First of three or four sounding rotations. )
a. To begin santification process (Rev 8-2 with D&C 77:12).
3. Angel at alter (Rev 8:3-4)
a. Jewish history in temple (see Sept 1980 Ensign and Institute Manual)
b. Incense = prayers of saints to destroy wicked
4. Earthquake #2 (Rev 8:5-6) with voices, thunderings and lightnings
5. First rotation of 7 angels sounding (Rev 8:7 to 9:21 and 11:1-19) and introduction of 3 woe's (Rev 8:13-9:21 and 11:14-19)
a. (Rev 8:7-12) Angels #1-4 sound and bring plagues like Moses to Egypt.
b. (Rev 8:13) three woe's - timeframe (D&C 77:13)
c. First woe: Powers of Satan loosed to torment wicked 5 months (Rev 9:1-5,11)
d. Second woe: largest war ever (Rev 9:12-19) approx. 1-2 billion people killed
1. Why was war needed? People still did not repent.
6. John's mission to prophesy & gather tribes- (Rev 11:1-12) (D&C 77:15)
a. Compare Rev 10:1-7 with D&C 88:107-l10
7. Two Jewish prophets (Rev 11:1-12) (D&C 77:15)
a. Raised up after Jews gathered and temple rebuilt
b. They have great powers like Moses and Elijah (Rev. 11: 6)
c . Satan rises up to kill them - lie in street 3 days -then caught up to heaven
8. Earthquake #3 (Rev 11:13) 1/10 city destroyed, 7000 die.
9. Third woe - seventh angel - drawing up scene to 2nd coming (Rev 11:14-19)
a. 7th angel found many pIaces: (D&C 29:13; 45:45; 88:95; I Thess 4:16; Zech 14:5)
b. Quake #4 with hail (Rev 11: 19)
10. Savior to appear at least 3 times before 2nd coming
a. Suddenly at temple (D&C 110:1-8; April 3, 1836)
b. Council at Adam - Ondi - Ahman (Dan 7:9-16; TPJS 122)
c. To Jews at Mount Olives (D&C 45:48-56)
1. Jews finally realize they crucified their Lord.

V. Events Associated with the 2nd Coming

A. Celestial and Terrestial people caught up to watch the cleansing of the Earth.
1. It does not matter whether you live or die only that you magnified the Lord
(D&C 88:95-98; I Thess 4:16-17)
B. Big quake #5 - All land restored to one mass (D&C 133:23-24; Isaiah 63-64)
C. Seven angels sound second rotation (D&C 88:94-106)
D. Many specifics mentioned (D&C 133:42-64)
E. Seven angels sound a third time to reveal secret acts of men (D&C 88:108-110)
F. Summary of 3 groups: Saints (New Jerusalem) Jews (Suffer to 2nd coming) Wicked (Destroy)

Table 2: Events After the 7th Seal

I. General Events (See Table 1 - All started)

II. Specific Events:

1. Gathering
a. Land into one mass (D&C 133:23-24) (Quake #5)
2. Earthquakes - specifically mentioned (Rev 6-11)
a. #2
b. #3
c. #4
d. #5
3. Seven angels with seven vials (First time) (Rev.8:7-11; 19)
4. Dead Sea Healed (Ezek 47:1-12)
5. Two jewish prophets in Jerusalem (Rev 11:1-2)
6. Hail, flies, overflowing scourge (D&C 29:16-20; 45:31)
7. Savior at Mount Olives (D&C 45:48-56)
8. Water flow under Temple at Jerusalem (Ezek 47:1-12)
9. Rainbow disappear (Gen 8:20-22; TPJS 305, 340, 341)
10. Wicked separated from righteous (D&C 97:7, 22, 25)
11. 2nd time sun, moon darkened, stars fall (D&C 138:49, 69)
12. Battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:12-16 Compare Rev 9:12-21)
13. Arm of Lord shall fall (D&C 45:45-47)
14. Burst the veil (D&C 101:23-25)
15. First resurrection (D&C 133:56)
16. Half hour of silence (Rev 8:1; D&C 88:95)
17. Great deep driven back (D&C 133:23, 27)
18. Great and abominable Church to fall (D&C 88-94)
19. Heaven unrolled as a scroll (D&C 88:95)
20. Sons of Levi make an offering in righteousness (D&C 13:1; Ill Ne 24:2-4)
21. Heathen nations redeemed (D&C 45:54)
22. Fire at his coming (D&C 133:41, 64)
23. Comes in cloud with power and glory (D&C 101:23-25)
24 . Every eye shall see him (D&C 101:23)
25. End of the World (D&C 19:3 JS 1:31)
26. Earth transfigured (D&C 63:21; 77:1)
27 . Wicked (Telestial) people burned (D&C 29:21; 45:50; 63:34; 64:24)

VI. Overview of Millennial Reign

A. Begins when Christ receives keys from all dispensations but prior to 2nd coming.
B. Christ will personally reign
C. From Jerusalem the law and New Jerusalem the spiritual
D. Earth like garden of Eden
E. Live to age of tree then immediately resurrected
F. Concentrate on missionary and temple work
G. Scriptures: (Rev. 21; Isaiah 65; D&C 29:22-19; 45;101)

VII. Conclusion

A. Most part of saints will be spared if magnify Lord and keep commandments
1. (D&C 97:21-26) Fire insurance (D&C 64:23-24)
2. Calamity Insurance (D&C 89:21)
3. (D&C 38:30) prepare now (Alma 34:32-35)
4. Bruce R. McConkie April 1979 conference report
a. All not saved but must obey to be saved.
b. All part of tests: prepare, watch, be ready.
5. Righteous hardly escape - do not judge others (TPJS 162:29-37)
6. Zion will be a place of refuge (D&C 45:64-71)

B. Begin now to prepare for trials and events (D&C 82:10)
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."

C. Study, fast and pray for guidance (Ill Ne 18:16, 18; Isaiah 58:2-12)

D. Watch prophet: read Ensign, attend conf., stay in-tune

E. Strengthen testimony

F. Bear Testimony of Christ, Joseph Smith, Restoration, Prophet Today

Handouts if interested -

1. Sept. 1975 Ensign pg 85-89 "Understanding the Book of Revelation"
2. New Era, March 1982, "That Terrible Wednesday."
3. Welfare Conf. Report Apr. '79 Bruce McConkie

Scriptures for
By: Dale S. Richards

1. Purposes of Learning About 2nd Coming:

Matthew 24:44 watch and be ready
D & C 45:39 TPJS 160:14-17; Watch & look for the signs
Matt 24:36 (J.S. 1:40)? but of that day, and hour, no one knoweth
Matt 24:23-27, (J.S. 1:22-26) Great miracles to deceive the elect
Matt 24:21-22 vs (JS 1:18-21) Days shortened for who? The Jews
D&C 45:26 Who thinks the Lord delayeth his coming? The Wicked
I Thess 5:2-6 Who will be surprised "like a thief in the night?" "Let us watch and be sober"
D&C 97:24-26 All prophecies must be fulfilled but we, can delay or prevent them by the way we live
D&C 89:19 wisdom and treasure of knowledge
D&C 68:11 we are given to know the signs of the coming of Chris
D&C 42:61, 65 If we ask ..shall know the mysteries but the world is not given to know
Daniel 12:8-10 The wise shall understand
Amos 3:7 Follow the living prophet God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret to..the prophets."
3 Nephi 23:1; D&C 26:1; Commanded to study
2 Tim 3:15-17 scriptures make you wise
D&C 131:6 (TPJS 291), Accountable for Contents
Matt 13:10-11, 34-35 Method to reveal mysteries
D&C 63:23 keep commandments ..give mysteries… well of living waters to everlasting life
Moroni 10:5 Key to understanding- Holy Ghost
Rev 5:1; D&C 77:6-7 Earth's temporal existence will be 7,000 years
D&C 29:11,22 Millennium 1000 years)
D&C 45:26; (Revelation 8, 9, 11) Lord "delayeth"
Rev 4, 5, use D&C 77:1-5 background to setting to explain
Rev 5:1 and D&C 77:6-7 Book with seven seals
Rev. 6:1-11 First five seals or 1,000 years each(2 verses each 4000 BC- 0 AD; 3 verses for 0-1000 AD)
Rev 6:12-17 First great earthquake One of five before 2nd coming) Why would Lord have earthquakes
Rev 7:1 with D&C 77:8 (TPJS 321) Four angels ready to save or destroy life
Rev 7:2 with D&C 77:9-10)(TPJS 321, 335-33. Elias gather 10 tribes - gospel to all nations.)
Rev. 7:3-4-8 with D&C 77:11 Elijah to seal 144,000 high priests (TPJS 321; 366-367; D&C 133:18; Rev. 14:1-5).
Rev. 7:9-17 After this" - saints serve in temple 24 hours/day
D&C 45:27, 33) (JS 1:2 Wars, commotion, lust of men, quakes, desolations (
JS 1:31-32; D&C 29:7-8 Elect gathered
D&C 45:34-38 When see signs know Lord is in control
D&C 43:20-24-25 Lord pleads for repentance (
Rev. 21; Isaiah 65; D&C 29; D&C 45; D&C 101 Millennial Scriptures
D&C 97:21-26 most saints spared if they obey
D&C 64:23-24 Fire insurance
D&C 89:21 Calamity Insurance
D&C 38:30, Alma 34:32-35 prepare now and shall not fear – this life is time to prepare)
D&C 45:64-71 Zion will be a place of refuge
D&C 82:10 Begin now to prepare for trials and events
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."
Ill Ne 18:16, 18; (Isaiah 58:2-12) Study, fast and pray for guidance
D&C 101:17-25 Millenium conditions
Watch prophet: read Ensign, attend conference, stay in-tune


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