Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Israel, Israel, God is Calling

Summary By, John  Uluakiola
I'm typically NOT this open about (Ether 8 ) 'secret combination' issues in this forum. And I doubt that there will be too many exceptions to that established precedent in the future. But this story, from BenSwann.com, really caught my eye...


The 'oath'-bound (Alma 37:21-31) barriers between the wicked, that would keep World War Three from igniting, are breaking down.


Let me put it this way:

Saudia Arabia was/is the 'crown jewel' of Henry Kissinger's 'Petrol-Dollar' Agreement with the OPEC nations - wherein the OPEC nations promised to purchase US Treasury Securities (T-Bonds) in exchange for Americans drilling for less domestic oil and purchasing foreign oil from the Saudi's and the other OPEC nations.

In recent years, US Domestic Oil 'Fracking' has threatened to significantly decrease US foreign oil purchases (the basis of the Petrol-Dollar agreement). And this has been done in the wake of a declining Dollar - which the Federal Reserve seems bent on rendering (the 'global reserve currency'/'Petrol-Dollar') useless through their artificial (self-benefiting) 'Quantitative Easing' program (Treasury Security purchases - AKA - US National Debt monetization).

And, now, Senator Bob Graham and the US Federal Courts are throwing 'gasoline' onto the fire - in allowing the 'crown jewel' of the OPEC nations to be sued for their involvement in the events of September 11th, 2001 ('9/11')

(The bitter irony of 'secret oath' (4 Nephi 1:42) [presumably] initiated US officials pretending that the whole 'secret combination' (Ether 8:18-25) matter somehow uniquely falls into the lap of the Saudi officials would seem to be the exoteric symbol that the 'Anglo-American establishment' (Quigley, 'Tragedy & Hope') have willingly rescinded an esoteric Gadianton 'oath' (Moses 5))


The Chinese, who already made a similar agreement with the Nixon Admin. (Henry Kisinger) - in the early-1970's, in promising to purchase US Treasury Securities in exchange for American manufacturing moving to China, have already felt betrayed by the declining Dollar.

(Note: Does anyone still believe the mythical template that Richard Nixon went on his media/historically-celebrated trip to China to 'ease Cold War tensions'? Really? If so, would you be interested in some 'beach front investment property in New Mexico'? I know of a guy who would happily broker that deal)

And the bitter and betrayed Chinese, who are seeing significantly less growth in the wake of a declining Dollar, have been 'war-gaming' with the Russians, the Syrians and the Iranians - in preparing for a potential Third World War (stemming from an ongoing currency war) - that may ignite over the covering facade of the Israelis preemptively attacking Iran 'to prevent the Mullahs from becoming a nuclear weaponized regime'.


If the BRICS Alliance (namely the oil-craving Chinese - spurred by the Russians) extend an offer to purchase more oil from the Saudis, and (worse yet) if they offer to make those purchases in any currency other than the Dollar, a triggered global economic collapse would ensue - as the Dollar (which is already set to be threatened by the Federal Reserve's planned [incremental-monthly] 'tapering' of the $85 Billion per month 'QE-Infinity' program) would quickly implode.


(1 Nephi 12:21)

21 And I saw them gathered together in multitudes; and I saw (CURRENCY) wars and rumors of (PHYSICAL) wars among them; and in (CURRENCY) wars and rumors of (SUBSEQUENT BLOODY) wars I saw many generations pass away.



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