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Webinars, Web Conferences and Online Meetings hosted by Anthony Larson |

Webinars, Web Conferences and Online Meetings hosted by Anthony Larson |

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Anthony Larson's Webinar Hub About Welcome to my online courses. You will be amply rewarded for your interest and diligence. If you wish to watch the Free Preview, simply click on the "Past Meetings" tab below. Scroll down until you find the "A Course Preview" listing, and then click "View Recording". There is no charge. After you fill in the required information, the presentation will begin automatically. Enjoy! If you wish to watch one of the prerecorded lessons, follow the steps listed below. It is strongly recommended that you watch the lessons in order, since each lesson builds on the information from previous lessons. For that reason, taking the lessons in some random order is discouraged. However, the choice is yours. Step One: To watch a prerecorded class, simply click the "Past Meetin…

Immanuel Velikovsky | Cataclysmic Earth Changes | 1966

At First Glance, You May Think That The Two Stories Are Totally Not Related.. I Ask You Too Look Deeper In The Rabbit Hole To Find That Things In This World Are Moving Towards The Cold Realities Of Massive Change.

The Following Story Comes By Way Of   (

If there were ever a sign that something is amiss, this may very well be it.
United Nations agricultural experts are reporting confusion, after figures show that China imported 2.6 million tons of rice in 2012, substantially more than a four-fold increase over the 575,000 tons imported in 2011.
The confusion stems from the fact that there is no obvious reason for vastly increased imports, since there has been no rice shortage in China. The speculation is that Chinese importers are taking advantage of low international prices, but all that means is that China’s own vast supplies of domestically grown rice are being stockpiled.
Why would China suddenly be stockpiling millions of tons of rice for no apparent reason?
Perhaps it’s …