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"If You Could Hie to Kolob"- Lex de Azevedo

If you could hie to Kolob
In the twinkling an eye
And then continue onward
With that same speed to fly
Do you think that you could ever?
Through all eternity,
Find out the generation
Where God began to be
Or see the grand being
Where space did not extend
Or view that last creation
Where gods and matter end
Methinks the spirits whispers,
“No man has found your space”
Nor seen the outside curtains
Where nothing has a place
The works of god continue
And worlds and live about
Improvement and progression
Have one eternal round
There is no end to worry
There is no end to love
There is no end to being
There is no death above

3 Whack Weather Phenomena

Very Interesting! 
But, I'm Still Waiting For Science To Give Creedence To Man's Sins For The Very Strange Phenomena.

The Dark Ages...How Dark Were They, Really?: Crash Course World History #14

Want A Great And Fun History Lesson...This Is It!  Enjoy My Friends-

The Science of Overpopulation

“The earth is full,” said the Lord, “and there is enough and to spare.” (D&C 104:17.)

Raising the Quality of Life: The Ezra Taft Benson Institute
By Jan Underwood Pinborough
Assistant Editor

The earth is full,” said the Lord, “and there is enough and to spare.” (D&C 104:17.) Images of hunger made familiar in the daily news form a stark contrast with this divine assessment. The World Health Organization estimates that between thirteen and eighteen million people die of starvation each year. Malnutrition and related ills claim many more, leaving countless of the survivors with mental and physical deficiencies. Hunger is a daily reality for one out of eight people on the earth.
For the well-fed, such statistics stagger and confuse the imagination. The photographs horrify. But a sense of helplessness underlies our sorrow. We may even retreat from the painful facts by ignoring them as much as possible.
But a few determ…