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Gerald Celente 2013 Prediction - WWIII, Currency & Trade Wars, Unemploym...

War Preparation IndicatorBeijing hardens subways for nuclear, gas attacks Beijing subway / AP BY:
January 11, 2013 4:25 pm
China recently upgraded its subway system in Beijing and revealed that its mass transit was hardened to withstand nuclear blasts or chemical gas attacks in a future war, state-run media reported last month.
The disclosure of the military aspects of the underground rail system followed completion and opening of a new subway line in the Chinese capital Dec. 30, along with the extension of several other lines. The subway upgrade is part of an effort to ease gridlocked traffic in the city of 20 million people.
According to Chinese civil defense officials quoted Dec. 5 in the Global Times, a newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, the subway can “withstand a nuclear or poison gas attack.”
A U.S. official said the disclosure of the subway’s capabilities to withstand attack is unusual since it highlights Beijing’s strategic nuclear m…

Where Are We In The Prophetic Timeline?

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Bible Timeline - Prophets and history

This beautiful, re-mastered Bible/World History Chart shows important people and events organized in time from Adam until present. The Bible History Timeline allows one to view the entire history of the world at a glance. With this beautifully re-mastered Timeline, you are easily able to visually connect world history events with the people and events of the Bible. For instance, imagine the Prophet Daniel and the well-known historical figure, Confucius, living their lives in the same time period, thousands of miles apart. It's almost impossible to draw a link between two cultures, such as these, using traditional historical research methods. However, today it is not necessary to research volumes of difficult history books and historical texts to gain a clear understanding and knowledge of world history. All of this meticulous research has been done for you, so that you may experience a closer connection to history. Meticulous research has placed biblical figures, prophets, and event…

Austerity: the human cost (playlist)

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Whereas We The People Are Really Pissed Offby horse237We were just gouged on January 1st for a fresh round of tax hikes and health insurance rate increases. And we are being told by Washington that we must prepare for another round in February of even more tax increases and Austerity cuts. We were just told by IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard that every 100 billion in budget cuts in Europe did three times as much damage to the GDP as had been predicted. We were recently told by Wall Street economists at J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs that we could expect the US economy to shrink 1.5% due to the January tax increases and another 1.5% for Obamacare health insurance rate increases. People all over America are getting their first paycheck of 2013 and are shocked to see how much less money they are taking home due to higher taxes. Others are going to medical clinics and learning that their co-pays and pharmacy charges are higher. Over the next month sm…