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Atheist has Vivid Dream of Heaven - Vision of Heaven

Atheist Has A Vivid Dream of Heaven( Originally posted on 27 December 2012 03:02 AM ) Author Unknown, just initials AC

I have read many many dreams and visions in the last decade, and I have to admit, this ranks as among the best. It is the most plausible, inspiring, uplifting, heartwarming testimony I have ever read.
About two thirds down the page you will read this line:
"Your words.. born in the fires of agony and trials.. will touch many lives.. and also save many lives.. "
How true these words are, as it touched my life, as I can identify with it.

DREAM I was raised an atheist.
Utterly godless.
Not even agnostic.
No gods.. fairies.. Santa's or bunnies...Believed nothing at all.
I saw all the trouble and confusion it caused and wanted nothing to do with it.
I see Christians always fighting and debating and being hypocrites all the time.
I see new agers not really having a clue what it is they actually believe in, and going in circles.
I see all the …

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until Jan. 15th, 2013

I've Heard Them Here In The Salt Lake Valley~  Love To Read Your Feedback!!  Please Comment If Your Hearing Them In A Different Nation!