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Silver Prices Rise Anticipating Debt Ceiling Raise, German Gold Repatria...

Remember when good old George Soros did his absolute best to talk down the need/value/utility for personal gold holdings...and when he'd driven the price down to just under $1500 an ounce...he bought a couple of boatloads of it??

Remember when...just a few years ago, all of the world's central reserve bankers were pooh-poohing the idea of anyone needing to hold gold...and now, most of them have either been quietly buying additional gold reserves...or now, more publicly, repatriating their gold from the world's "most secure" depositories??
"Acccccch, Helicopter Vben! Not dat ve doan trust you to hold our gold anymore. NEIN! It's just that ve vant it back home so we can show it off to our Frauleins! Jah, just so...we have better date nights vit Frausleins!!" Remember when the U.S. Fed (and Treasury) said, NAW, THERE AIN'T NO STINKING INFLATION!" And yet, Canada has terminated it's one cent coin...indicating that yes, indeed, p…