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Dollar Sell Off Within 4 Months-John Williams

The Collapse States in Revelations that it happens in 1 hour

In Revelations Chapter 18 it states the city of Babylon is destroyed in one hour. It states 3 times in the Chapter it is destroyed and it sounds like New York City. What if it is not only destroyed in one hour in our time measuring, BUT is also destroyed in one hour in the Lords time which is 41.666 years. Many Economists and other Financial Wizards and Experts say the decline of America Financial Base and Foundation was completely signed into disaster when President Nixon took us completely off the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971! The currency charts show that inflation was able to skyrocket in real terms because we were no longer tied to the Gold Standard and they could print money at will and debase the dollar, which is what they have done. When are the 41.666 years done which is ONE DAY to the Lord! The exact time that I figured by calculation is APRIL 16, 2013, THIS YEAR! Interesting to say the least! We sh…

San Bernardino, CA City Attorney Jim Penman Tells Residents to "Load The...

A Poorer San Bernardino, and a More Dangerous One, Too

Published: January 14, 2013

James F. Penman, the San Bernardino city attorney, said he told residents they had to take their own security measures.

The city is still doing regular trash collection — at least for now — if not dead animal removal. But after 15 years driving a garbage truck here, Carlos Teran does not know if the city will have enough money to pay him next month. His payroll is now month-to-month, he said.
Mr. Teran owes more than $200,000 on a house in Bloods gang territory that is now worth closer to $50,000, he said.

Up the street, a tree-lined avenue with views of the nearby foothills, four candles marked the spot where a gang member was killed in a drive-by shooting. Across the street, metal thieves have gutted one of the foreclosed homes that dot the neighborhood, ripping air conditioners and electrical boxes off the walls long before the police responded.
“It’s scary,” said Mr. Teran’s wife,…

Christ in Ancient America: Book of Mormon, Reflections of Christ


Book of Mormon: The Pride Cycle


President Thomas S. Monson: 'Taking an inventory of life' @ 182nd Semian...

Pres Monson message 2/1/2013

Message from President Thomas S. Monson
He reviews past 5 years, emphasizes the need to go to the 'rescue' of others
By President Thomas S. Monson
Published: Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

It has been five years since I became President of the Church. At this time I feel it appropriate to review those five years and to look to the future

Throughout my years as a General Authority I have emphasized a need for the "rescue" of our brothers and sisters from many different situations which may be depriving them of all the blessings the gospel can provide. Since becoming President of the Church I have felt an increased urgency for us to be engaged in this rescue effort. As faithful members of the Church have reached out with love and understanding, many have returned to full activity and are enjoying added blessings in their lives. There is yet much to do in this regard, and I encourage all to continue to reach out to rescue. Said the Lord, &qu…