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"Go Ye Into All The World" (1974)

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30,000 Drones Over America - The New World Security And Its Effects On P...

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30.000 Drones + 1.6 Billion Bullets – 2nd Amendment = Slaveryby horse237You can take a pair of scissors to a gunfight. We won't. But you can. DHS The Department of Homeland Security has ordered 1.6 billion hollow point bullets which are illegal to use in combat against foreign troops. The United States government is purchasing 30,000 drones, the majority of which will be armed. The 2010 US Census of the population documented exact GPS co-ordinates for every home in America. This will enable the United States government to fire Hellfire missiles from drones at every household in America just like they do in Afghanistan. US Army Field manual FM 3-19-40 for Civilian Internment was published on August 1, 2001 by the George W Bush Administration one month and 11 days before 9-11-2001which was the supposed justification for invading Afghanistan. To set the record straight the US government had told its allies that they were going to invade Afghanistan …