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Roe’s Multiplier Effect: Generations Dead From Abortion

This is eye-opening. It's common sense, but how many of us have really thought about it this way?

Roe’s Multiplier Effect: Generations Dead From Abortion

by Paul Kengor | Washington, DC | | 2/3/13 10:01 PM

Life News

This year’s marking of the 40th anniversary Roe v. Wade included, naturally, much regret over the growing death toll caused by the scourge of abortion. The number is now over 55 million. That’s 55 million abortions of children who never became Americans.

That number, however, doesn’t begin to do justice to the total loss. 40 years of Roe v. Wade now equates to the loss of multiple generations of Americans, thus producing an even worse multiplier effect, one that must be considered in counting up the casualties. Think about it:

A huge number of those 55 million would have gone on to have their own children. Those aborted in 1973, would be 40 years old this year. Some of them would even have g…