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Build up to WW3 - ISRAEL Puts Pressure On OBAMA to BOMB IRAN

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Obama And Netanyahu Accidentally Launch World War IIIby horse237Monday April 8, 2013 Washington: At a White House meeting Obama's political advisers convince him that he needs to take bold decisive action overseas to counteract his plummeting approval ratings due to public discontent over proposed higher taxes, rising inflation and unemployment and the rapidly contracting economy. It is decided to look through the list of high value Al Qaeda suspects and to take out two men simultaneously at separate locations using drones. They also decide to make sure they get their men and the desired newspaper headlines by sending in a second Hellfire missile at each target so the combined death toll is over 100. Monday April 8, 2013 Tel Aviv: The Israeli cabinet has a secret meeting to give the final Go Orders for Operation Jericho. The plan was to force the Americans to go to war against Syria and Iran so Israel can seize parts of Lebanon and Syria. After …

New Release! Message to America Jonathan Cahn Addresses the Presidential...

Just A Reminder Of The Very Close Ties America/Israel Have, Including The Destructive Season To Come.

4MIN News February 10, 2013: Quake Watch Recap, 2 Volcanos, Flare/CME Up...

Just More Evidence That Changes Are Here, And Will Surely Surpass What We Are Witnessing At The Present Time.