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Ephraim's Rescue - Official Trailer (2013) - From the Makers of 17 Miracles

Image (Link To Official Trailer)

Official trailer, interviews and Paul Cardall music video from T.C. Christensen's new movie The official trailer of T.C. Christensen's new movie, "Ephraim's Rescue," is now online at Remember Films Enlarge photo» (Summary) The official trailer, a music video and other content from T.C. Christensen's new movie, "Ephraim's Rescue," has been posted online.

"Ephraim's Rescue" - Official Trailer (2013)  Filmmaker T.C. Christensen, director of "17 Miracles," is coming out with a new movie called "Ephraim's Rescue" on May 31.
The official trailer of the new film was recently posted online at The movie follows the remarkable life of Mormon pioneer and frontiersman Ephraim Hanks, who helped rescue starving handcart pioneers in the winter of 1856.
Paul Cardall, pianist and author, composed and produced the music score fo…

The Anger Phase Of Humanity Is Coming (Connects Too "The Hastening" Of The Lord's Missionary Work)  (The Following Video Is Economically Based, But The Commentary Proves Another Point Of The Reality Of Times We Find Ourselves In.

Fulfillment of President George Albert Smith Prophecy is happening now

I opened up fox news this morning to find the top news story being this, which is fulfillment  of the President George Albert Smith Vision:

"US Changes In Missile Defense Plan...."

By adding 14 interceptors to a missile defense system based in Alaska and California, the U.S. is abandoning a critical part of a European system strongly opposed by Russia. Yet the decision also could provide a potential opening for new arms control talks.
The Obama administration on Friday cited development problems and a lack of money in announcing the cancellation of the interceptors set to be deployed in Poland and possibly Romania early next decade.
Summary Of The Vision Of Than President George Albert Smith…

Supernova Defies Astronomical Theory | Space News  Supernova Defies Astronomical Theory | Space News

Published on Mar 17, 2013
A recently discovered supernova has left astronomers scratching their heads. It's in the wrong cosmic neighborhood, and from the vantage point of conventional theory is behaving quite badly.
More Signs In The Heavens! The Lord Is Using HIS Planets, Stars, Comets As Signs Before The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord.