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Book of Mormon Evidence: Lost tribes in America

Time Is Short-  Book of Mormon Evidence: Lost tribes in America Great Video On The Subject, And Please Read Doctrine And Covenants 133 For A More Detailed Account Of The Arrival Of The Tribes:

Here is the exact reference/quote from - Actually not really out on a limb especially where he states Aye, some here present... Very Interesting!!!

In April conference of 1916, Elder James E. Talmage, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, spoke of the lost tribes and their records: “There is a tendency among men to explain away what they don’t wish to understand in literal simplicity, and we, as Latter-day Saints are not entirely free from the taint of that tendency. … Some people say that prediction is to be explained in this way: A gathering is in progress, and has been in progress from the early days of this Church; and thus the ‘Lost Tribes’ are now being gathered; but that we are not to look for the return of any body of people now unknown as to …