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Personal Peace - The Reward of Righteousness - Quentin L. Cook - April 2... Link For The Above Title~  (Very Timely Talk!)

D&C 38:13, 28. “The Enemy. . . Seeketh Your
The Saints should not be surprised when the world
opposes the kingdom and tries to thwart the work of
God, for He Himself promised that such would be
the case. Elder Joseph F. Smith said that “the hatred
of the wicked always has and always will follow the
Priesthood and the Saints. The devil will not lose
sight of the power of God vested in man—the Holy
Priesthood. He fears it, he hates it, and will never
cease to stir up the hearts of the debased and corrupt
in anger and malice towards those who hold this
power, and to persecute the Saints, until he is
bound.” (In
Journal of Discourses,
Elder Bruce R. McConkie made this observation
in general conference:
“Nor are the days of our greatest sorrows and our
deepest sufferings all behind us. They too lie ahead.
shall yet face greater perils, we shall yet be tested
with more severe trials…

Come Unto Me - Henry B. Eyring - April 2013 General Conference Link To The Above Great Talk, By President Henry B. Eyring
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Just as the Lord spoke in parables so that the wicked could not understand, look for messages during conference that have deeper meanings and messages than what appear on the surface-