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PM Netanyahu's Greeting for Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day! -...

Image Link To The Above Title-  It Would Seem That The World's War Drums Beat Louder Everyday- We Are Knee Deep In The Perilous Times-  Have Faith And Fear Not.. These Are The Days We Must Be The Strongest-

Netanyahu: If We Must, We'll Go to War
"If we have no choice, we will grasp our swords and go to battle," warns Prime Minister.
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By Gil RonenFirst Publish: 4/14/2013, 10:01 PM

Netanyahu at Beit Yad Labanim
Israel news photo: Flash 90

"Since our inception as a people, we had to fight for our freedom and our existence," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at a Sunday afternoon ceremony at Beit Yad Labanim in Jerusalem, marking the start of Memorial Day for the IDF's Fallen Soldiers.
"Today, too, there are those who threaten to annihilate us -- they haven't succeeded in the past, they won't ever succeed", he said.

Netanyahu seemed to be alluding to Iran, which Israel believes is working toward…